11 Rich Kids Of Instagram – Singapore Version

11 Rich Kids Of Instagram – Singapore Version

These Singaporean rich kids have it all

Tumblr account Rich Kids of Instagram (RKOI) features photos of rich kids around the world flaunting their luxurious lifestyle from highly-coveted branded goods to swanky supercars. RKOI gained traction and went viral quickly, even has a reality TV show now.

With Singapore holding records like being home to the two most expensive buildings in the world and being the most expensive city to live in, it further reaffirms the fact that we’re the city with the most millionaires per capita.

It is little wonder that a Rich Kids of Singapore (RKOS) Instagram account has surfaced two weeks ago. Want to increase your social media visibility but do not know where to start? Mixx has got your back, buy instagram likes and build your dedicated following.

We take a sneak peek into the lives of 12 rich and famous Singaporeans and give you the lowdown.

1. Arissa Cheo (xarissaxcheox/ arissa.cheo)

Instagram followers: 312k/ 27k

Who: Singaporean socialite turned online entrepreneur, also the wife of mandopop singer, Vanness Wu.

What: The well-dressed heiress is often seen in fashion-forward looks, while decked out in brands like Chanel, Hermes, Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Alexander Wang, and Givenchy. Her Instagram feed also depicts her vacations in beautiful destinations like London, Paris and Italy.

2. Jamie Chua (@ec24m)

Instagram followers: 203k

Who: Former air stewardess with Singapore Airlines who famously asked for a S$450,000 monthly maintenance fee during her divorce with Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca in 2011.

What: Her Instagram account provides a glimpse into the life of the ultra rich with her extravagant lifestyle – donning expensive outfits, overseas vacations via first class on SIA, and her extensive collection of Hermes bags comparable to that of Victoria Beckham’s. In fact, Lianhe Wanbao has dubbed her as the woman with “the most number of Hermes Birkin bags in the world” in 2011, after finding out that she owns over 200 bags. Btw, a Hermes Birkin bag will set you back between US$9,000 to US$150,000.

3. Kim Lim (@kimmylecute)

Instagram followers: 77.5k

Who:  The 23-year-old daughter of tycoon Peter Lim, who bought Spanish football club Valencia last October.

What: An enviable Instagram feed that showcases her jet-setting lifestyle, throwing fancy parties, expensive collection of bags from luxury brands like Hermes, Givency, Chanel, Saint Laurent, and a dizzying array of Christian Louboutin heels. The well-networked socialite is friends with the likes of famous footballer David Beckham to K-Pop group Big Bang member, Lee Seung Ri.

4. Kane Lim (@kanelk_k)

Instagram followers: 63.3k

Who: A 25-year-old fashion-major undergraduate at a California university from a wealthy Singaporean family with a billion-dollar business. He also started a business at age 17, raking in his first million at 20.

What: Regularly featured on the original RKOI tumblr, Kane Lim’s Instagram account is filled with snaps of his collection of Christian Louboutin shoes, bags from brands like Chanel, Hermes, Moschino and lots of bling. The fashionista is always spotted in the latest designer togs.

Fun fact: Even pop star Rihanna is one of his followers!

5. Mae Tan (@marxmae)

Instagram followers: 49k

Who: Daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman father and housewife mother.

What: The 20-year-old incorporates affordable clothes from places like Far East Plaza and Zara while toting bags from Hermes and Chanel. Her penchant for shoes is evident from her collection of Hermes slippers to Christian Louboutin killer stilettos. The well-connected blogger, who happens to be Jackie Chan’s goddaughter, is also friends with famous personalities like ex-Mediacorp actress Fiona Xie.

6. Max Ang (@maxan9)

Instagram followers: 10.5k

Who: The 25-year-old was a sales associate with Christian Louboutin.

What: The fashion lover is unafraid to make a statement with his bold, eclectic sense of style, accoutred in brands like Chanel, Chrome Hearts, Vivienne Westwood, Saint Laurent, Hermes, Celine,Moschino. His impressive collection of shoes includes the likes of Nike and Louis Vuitton.

7. Jaime Lo (@jaimezy)

Instagram followers: 6.6k

Who: The only daughter of an oil magnate

What: With a minimalistic feed on her Instagram, Lo posts about her OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day), friends and food. Perhaps one of the more low-profile Rich Kid on this list, Lo still leads the life of a privileged – she is known for her over-the-top shopping sprees by clearing out Singapore’s Louboutin and Hermes stores. If that does not satiate her thirst for shopping, she simply jet sets to another country.

8. Audrey Tay (@audreytayy)

Instagram followers: 5.4k

Who: 20-year-old daughter of SUTL group of companies’ executive director, Peter Tay.

What: The owner of more than 80 designer bags from brands like Dior, Hermes, Givenchy, Chanel and Saint Laurent and shoes from sky high Christian Louboutin stilettos to Chanel slippers. The heiress also confessed on Instagram about her unhealthy addiction to buying cars – hardly surprising since she got a customised Bentley Continental GT in hot pink for her 18th birthday and a white Porsche Turbo for her 20th birthday.

9. Dhillon Lee (@zero_xn)

Instagram followers: 5.2k

Who: 18-year-old son of a Singaporean multi-millionaire.

What: The self-obsessed rich kid constantly posts selfies of himself (there is even an underwater selfie!), along with his overseas adventures of him skydiving, scuba diving and the likes. But of course, he gets around in one of his luxurious supercars. The youngest Rich Kid on our list, Lee even has admirers leaving comments like “Marry me” and “I love you” on his Instagram account. Unfortunately, the last time we checked, he is already taken. Sorry girls.

10. Georgina Scott (@georgiepieee)

Instagram followers: 3.8k

Who: The only daughter of an Australian hotelier

What: The Eurasian teenager has a soft spot for designer bags and shoes from brands like Chanel, Givenchy, Saint Laurent. On her 18th birthday, she was gifted a convertible Mercedes SL which was upgraded to a SLS on her 20th birthday. Her Instagram account also reflects her jet-setting lifestyle as a way to relieve stress (what stress could there be??? We wonder).

11. Eldar Masimov (@masimoff)

Instagram followers: 1.2k

Who: An MDIS student of Russian descent.

What: His feed is filled with pictures of him smoking shisha, partying, and branded goods from Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. Yup, the smoking of shisha continues even after this ban.

Rich kids of Singapore – next-level humblebragging?

Social media has created an avenue for anyone and everyone to have a glimpse into the cocooned lives of these rich kids, resulting in insta-envy. Of course, this comes at a price for the rich, who are often being accused of ‘showing off’ or ‘living off daddy’s money’. No thanks to Hollywood, the name of socialites has been sullied as people perceive one to be like Paris Hilton.

However, how spoiled are these rich kids really? While some may be flaunting it in your face, others are more discreet and down-to-earth. Many forget that there are other facets in the lives of the wealthy that they do not portray on social media, such as doing charity work, or pulling all-nighters to run their businesses. Kim Lim, for one, has kept in mind her father’s constant reminders to stay humble, and also does charity work. In her free time, she even makes it a point to accompany the elderly at old age homes.

After all, some of them can also be seen in hawker centers tucking in local delights like char kway teow – they’re really not that different from us.

Well, except that we don’t drive to hawker centers in our flashy supercars.

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