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Small Business Saturday Email Ideas to Make Your Local Business Stand Out

Small businesses, are you ready to market yourself on Small Business Saturday? This is an important holiday for local businesses, so seize the opportunity to help yours stand out.
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Check out these Small Business Saturday email marketing ideas to help inspire your campaign.


Small Business Saturday takes place on the last Saturday in November. This annual holiday is a chance to shop small, helping small businesses get the recognition and revenue they deserve. (Curious whether your business counts as a small business? Check out this size standards tool created by the U.S. Small Business Administration.)

Coming right on the heels of the feeding frenzy that is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a welcome change. This holiday was created by American Express to celebrate the small businesses in your local community. It’s been around for the past decade and counting and produces extra revenue from holiday shoppers: In 2019, Small Business Saturday generated $19.6 billion in reported spending. There’s an incentive for consumers to participate: American Express offers them cash back on purchases made at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

As a small business yourself, this is a day that you can’t overlook. This holiday is growing in visibility each year. And investing in some Small Business Saturday marketing is definitely in your best interests.

Set yourself apart by creating a strong email campaign. Email marketing is a great choice for small businesses that want to make a big impact. Free marketing tools like the BEE email editor can help you design beautiful emails with no coding knowledge — helping your email ROI increase. Let’s take a look at a few Small Business Saturday email ideas.

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Don’t get lost in the shuffle between Black Friday and Cyber Monday — remind your customers that you have a lot of great deals and products heading their way!

Segment your audience

Segment your audience by geographic region to make sure people get the email that’s most relevant to them. If you’re a local business, this still applies: Segment people according to their specific zip code. This Tie Bar message uses clever copy to encourage readers to seek out their local Tie Bar store.

Subject line: It’s Small Business Saturday! Grab your free socks.

small business saturday email ideas

Offer a special discount

Small Business Saturday might be the perfect time to launch a new product, or create a special bundle of products that are on sale. That’s what Catbird did here, advertising a group of products that went on sale for Small Business Saturday. Think about which of your products you could bundle together to sell at a reduced cost. Then consider what would be the most effective way to advertise this promo in your Small Business Saturday email.

Subject line: We made something small, shiny & new 🐭

small business saturday marketing ideas

Take advantage of neighborhood networking

Small Business Saturday is all about supporting the small businesses around you. So don’t be afraid to do just that! Try partnering with another local small business and creating a joint sale. A coffee shop and a bakery could team up, offering lattes and cupcakes at a reduced price for both. Larger brands can also get in on the fun. Brooklinen used its platform to encourage customers to #shopsmall.

Subject line: Shop small with us

small business saturday partnership email

Give your customers context

While most people are probably familiar with the concept of Small Business Saturday, it never hurts to dive a little deeper. Use your Small Business Saturday email to further explain the idea behind this day. Otherwild describes just why Small Business Saturday is so important and how it helps community-focused small businesses keep their doors open.

Subject line: Support small businesses

small business saturday email example

Include catchy Small Business Saturday email subject lines

Judging from our inbox, most businesses marking the day mention Small Business Saturday in their subject lines. Others play off of the phrase “shop small.” We also recommend including your specific deal or promotion in the subject line; after all, that’s what people are looking for during the holidays. Their minds are still in discount mode the day after Black Friday. So adding numbers and percentages in the subject line could help increase your open rate.

small business saturday email ideas

Add a countdown timer to increase hype

Countdown timers have a lot of benefits. These dynamic, real-time elements are a great way to jazz up your email and create a sense of urgency. And adding a countdown timer to an email isn’t as difficult as you might think. While not a Small Business Saturday email specifically, this Lands’ End email has a great countdown timer that grabs your attention right off the bat.

Subject line: Countdown’s on: 50% off 1 ends tonight

countdown timer in email


Use the BEE email editor to bring your Small Business Saturday marketing ideas to life! BEE is a great tool for small local businesses. The editor is 100% free to use, with a template catalog full of 500+ professionally designed email templates available, including a set of Small Business Saturday email templates. Use BEE’s email editor to create your Small Business Saturday emails this year

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