Top 10 Indoor Plants for Living Rooms

Top 10 Indoor Plants for Living Rooms

Walk into a house and the first thing you see is the living room. The decor, the vibe, the aesthetic – they come as small introductions to the house, to its people. So, when your living room is like your home’s introduction, why not make it reflect your personality as well? Why not make it beautiful and so memorable that it stays with you, and whoever sees it?

But how? What can you do to make your living room brighter, greener, and unforgettable? Probably one of the first things that come to mind is plants. Houseplants plants for living rooms that can adapt to most environments and blend perfectly into your style, reflecting your vibe and matching your aesthetic.

Can you think of any home decor more versatile? We sure can’t! So, without any further ado, here are the top 10 houseplants and a few tips about how to arrange plants in living rooms! Take your pick, there’s no limits.

✯ Best Indoor Plants for Living Rooms:

Picking the perfect indoor plant means analyzing your style, aesthetic, and personality. This means that if you pick the right plants, you will be able to create the perfect ambiance through your living room plant decor.

✧Large Plants for Living Rooms:

✤ Areca Palm Plant:

A classic for years now, the Areca Palm plant is an iconic indoor plant for living rooms. Why, you may ask? It has graced living rooms as a statement piece for as long as memories serve. It is a relatively low-maintenance plant and not only does it bring nature to you, but also brings a touch of the tropics into your indoor spaces!

If you are a classic, old-soul, and love decor that can create a calming atmosphere while reminding you of beachy palms, the Areca Palm is the perfect fit for you!

The Areca Palm thrives with bright, indirect light, but can even tolerate lower light conditions. Keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged is key. So, allow the top inch to dry between waterings.

You can place these plants near a window with filtered sunlight, which means that placing them in a corner near a window will fulfill all its purposes – aesthetic and practical!

✤ The Croton Petra:

An elegant, variegated beauty, the Croton Petra comes in various sizes. But the largest one will make for a beautiful part of home decor in your living room. If you’re looking for a rather colorful plant that will fill the space and add a pop of color to the room, the Croton Petra is your friend!

Its large, rounded leaves and subtle variegation give it an elegant vibe while also allowing it to add a little bit of a free, whimsy vibe to your room. This is one of those big plants for living rooms that do well in brighter light settings, which means that you will have to place it in a spot that receives high sunlight for at least 4-6 hours a day.

The Croton Petra requires a good level of lighting, watering, and higher humidity. Make sure you care for this plant according to these requirements to help it grow and thrive!

✤ Monstera Thai Constellation:

If you’re a plant enthusiast, the name and mere thought of this plant will be sure to grab your attention! With its large, variegated leaves that are colored to look like constellations on leaves, the Monstera Thai Constellation is an absolutely stunning indoor plant.

It is a collector’s favorite and is relatively difficult to find easily! Its beautiful patterns and ease of growth make it largely desirable, but you have to strike just the right balance while caring for it. However, if you add this plant to your collection, it will become a striking statement piece like no other.

With its memorable leaves and grandeur, the Monstera Thai Constellation will elevate the vibe of your living room to a level that will leave you awestruck! Looking for a plant that will captivate and hold the attention of everyone who sees it? The Monstera Thai Collection is the undeniable answer!

This plant prefers well-draining soil and moderate watering, along with bright, indirect light. Make sure you know the exact requirements of this plant so that it stays with you for a long time! No matter where you place this Monstera, it’ll be sure to seek out attention and become the center of attention, effortlessly.

These plants can thrive if taken care of well and can blend into your living room effortlessly, making them the perfect indoor plants for living room corners and other empty spaces.

✧Medium and Small Plants for Living Rooms:

✤ The Snake Plant:

The Snake plant, called Sansevieria scientifically, is an absolute stunner of a succulent! Its sword-like, elongated leaves emit a graceful charm that can give your living room a lovely modern, and minimalist vibe. Not only that, Snake plants go well with just about any aesthetic and add to the already existing charm.

These plants are hardy and come in various sizes. They need relatively lower light and do not need to be watered very often. Just remember not to pour any water into the crown of the plant as the leaves do not tolerate water very well.

Snake plants can be placed on your furniture, or planted in aesthetic, decorative pots and planters. They already exude a wonderful charm but throwing in a pot with a personality can go a long way! What kind of personality will you choose for your Snake plant?

✤ Fittonia Plant (Green and Pink Nerve):

Are you somewhat of a perfectionist? If your answer is yes, the Fittonia plant will be sure to please all your perfectionist senses. With its coursing veins and poised patterns, the Fittonia is a near-perfect-looking plant. Its small leaves and subtle colors make it the ideal addition to living rooms.

Memorable and striking, the Fittonia grabs your attention and keeps you hooked with its delicate lines and awe-striking freshness. This small wonder in a pot needs a little more of your time and attention. You will have to sustain its beauty with bright, indirect sunlight and regular watering.

Living room in need of a dash of color? The Pink Fittonia will fit right in, and if traditional is what you’re going for, the Green Fittonia’s got your back!

✤ Anthurium Plant:

Let’s talk flowering plants. Want vibrant flowers but aren’t able to dedicate all your time to making them bloom? The Anthurium plant will seem like a Godsend to you!

A tropical flowering plant, the Anthurium requires lesser care and attention, and can still bloom beautifully. Since it hails from the tropical regions, mirror the conditions from there and watch your Anthurium shine.

Adding a perfect balance of red and green, light and dark, to your space, the Anthurium will harmonize flawlessly in the right flower pot for living rooms. This means if you provide it with the right space, soil, and light, it will be a vibrant centerpiece in your living space.

✤ Money Plant or Devil’s Ivy:

With its mesmerizing, cascading vines and various species that provide different leaf patterns, the Money Plant is a classic for indoor decorations. From being placed on mantelpieces to adorning window sills, the Money plant is a timeless indoor companion that can not only beautify your space but also purify the air in it.

Some species have plain, light green leaves while the rest can have variegated, marble-like bushes. Whatever color you choose, the plant will fit into your living room like the last piece of a puzzle.

Capable of complementing your art decor and furniture, the Money plant is rather low-maintenance and is loved for its unwillingness to give up. Water it twice a week and provide it with ample bright light, and your plant will be golden! Quite literally – the leaves are a golden green when thriving.

These small plants are some of the best plants for living rooms! So, is the Money plant your choice? Or are you going with the flow, looking for hanging, trailing vines?

✧Hanging Plants for Living Rooms:

✤ Spider Plants in Hanging Pots and Planters:

The Spider plant is another striking, pet-friendly plant that goes well with just about any setting. Bored of grounded plants? Think above and beyond – hang your plants from the ceiling! While the Spider plant does well in any pots and planters, placing it in hanging ones to suspend it in the air will help create a different depth and more layering in your living room.

Its cream and green, elongated, and sharp-looking leaves will create a light, airy atmosphere. The Spider plant also possesses great air-purifying abilities which make it one of the best plants for living rooms.

Water your plant once a week, hang it in a place with tons of bright, indirect sunlight, and watch it blossom.

✤ The Golden Fern:

If plants could look happy-go-lucky, the Golden Fern would be the first to make you believe it! With its delicate, golden-green fronds and cascading nature, the Golden Fern can light up any space with its mere presence.

Its feathery appearance and rustic charm will fit in with any interiors and will bring out an exuding, unforgettable beauty. Place this gorgeous green companion in an open space with bright light, and remember to water it at least thrice a week. A little demanding, but undoubtedly worth it!

The Golden Fern will create depth for your living room while still maintaining a layer of bright, joyous colors.

✤ Philodendron Broken Heart:

With its unique, spotted leaves and dark green luminescence, the Broken Heart plant and its leaves somewhat resemble a broken heart. Perhaps that’s why the name?

This plant creates beautiful, delicate vines that will give your living room a dark yet vibrant charm. Also relatively more attention-seeking, the Philodendron Broken Heart needs watering thrice a week to thrive, with bright, indirect light. Apart from this, its care is pretty beginner-friendly!

So, where will you be placing your Broken Heart plant?

✯Choosing the Right Pots and Planters:

Picking out the right pots and planters means understanding which style and aesthetic you want to create in your living room. Whether you want to set a serene, minimalist vibe or a fuller, boho vibe, the right planters can help you do just that.

To create a more minimalist vibe, metal planters will fit right in. With their fine finishes and polished charm, they will add elegance and sophistication to your space.

Ceramic pots and planters can help add more of a personality to your plants by making them more vibrant and whimsy. Hanging planters for the plants you choose to hang up can also come in various types from macrame planters to metallic ones.

Whichever plants you choose to incorporate into your living room decor, these indoor plants make for the perfect companions. With their countless benefits and endless charm, they will elevate your living space and make it cleaner, healthier, and greener.


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