Styling Tips: Pairing Your Kurta with the Right Bottoms for Holi

As Holi, the festival of colours, is just around the corner, it is the time for men to upgrade their attire that is usually more traditional and add a stylish vibe to the look. A kurta, a traditional part of the ethnic dressing, can be clubbed with a variety of bottoms giving your dresses a multitude of looks to choose from for the festive season. This time during Holi, you may be attending a family gathering or a vibrant outdoor party. So, here is the way to pair a kurta with different bottoms, such as a dhoti. The latter can help you in standing out at this year’s Holi festivities.

  1. Classic Churidar Pants: To add a breathtaking and refined appeal to your ensemble, wear your kurta with well-designed churidar pants. These close-fitting trousers that are seen to complement the traditional silhouette of the kurta are great for creating a slim and elegant look. Choose a color that matches or contrasts the one you already have on to make your combination more expressive. With the traditional footwear like juttis or mojris, finish up your look and add an interesting watch or bracelet for the final touch. This is a classic teamwork that will suit both family gatherings and refined Holi events, combining traditions and sophistication.
  2. Stylish Jodhpuri Pants: Beside your kurta, also consider wearing Jodhpuri pants to give the look a royal touch. The specific trousers with the narrow-belted waist that widen at the knees are the ones that give them an elegant and refined look. Go for men’s kurta with such embroidery or embellishment to make the royal look of the Jodhpuri pants more appealing. Add the jacket to the outfit that is either the same color or different from the jacket to have an extraordinary look. Try to wear the suit along with traditional footwear such as mojaris or loafers and decorate it with a pocket square or a brooch for a sophisticated and elegant look that is just right for formal Holi parties.
  3. Traditional Dhoti Pants: Tradition and cultural heritage must be upheld, thus, Dhoti pants will be paired with the kurtas to mark this year’s Holi festivities. Dhoot pants, with their traditional tie-up style, are an original and stylish addition to your outfit. Go for a kurta with a little embroidery or tassels and let it help to emphasize the simplicity of the dhoti pants. To achieve this, kolhapuris or sandals should be the footwear of choice and the accessories could be a stylish stole or scarf.
  4. Casual Jeans or Trousers: To achieve a more calm and casual look go for jeans or trousers when you wear kurta for men. This unique duo is ideal for daytime Holi festivities, or even casual get-togethers in the outdoors with friends. Stick to a cotton or linen kurta, and if you want to add some modernity, then you can prefer denim or chinos. Bring in casual shoes such as sneakers or loafers and top it up with eyewear such as sunglasses or a cap to achieve the laid-back and effortlessly cool look. Besides the colourful scarf or bandana, you need to have them to bring the Holi spirit into the picture.
  5. Flowy Kurta with Patiala Pants: Decorate your Attire of this year’s Holi with kurta-Patiala pants combination to look more elegant. Opt for a bold and bright print kurti and wear it with contrasting Patiala pants to get a striking look. It can be styled with the traditional footwear such as juttis or kolhapuris.

Be it skinny jeans, flared trousers or palazzo pants you pair with your kurta for the upcoming Holi festival, what matters is that you reflect the tradition in your attire whilst also exhibiting your own individuality. Try out various types of outfits, colours and accessories to come up with a style that matches your personality. Ensure that you feel good about this and that you are happy with your looks. Thus, prepare to be attended with all the joy and colour of Holi in a fashionable and festive way with your attire.

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