What equipment is needed to start a brewery?


Embarking on the journey to start your own brewery is an exciting endeavor that requires careful planning and consideration of the necessary equipment. From fermenters to kegs and everything in between, the equipment you choose will shape the brewing experience and define the quality of your brews. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential equipment needed to kickstart your brewery and turn your brewing dreams into reality.

Brewing Vessels:

Mash Tun: The vessel where milled grains are mixed with hot water to extract fermentable sugars. It’s a critical component for converting grain starches into sugars.

Brew Kettle: This is where the wort, a liquid extracted from the mashed grains, is boiled. It’s also a place where hops are added for flavor and aroma.

Fermenters: Vessels for the primary fermentation of beer. Fermenters come in various sizes and materials, such as stainless steel or conical fermenters, each influencing the brewing process differently.

Bright Tanks: Essential for conditioning and carbonating beer after primary fermentation. Bright tanks contribute to clarity and provide a space for additional maturation.

Cooling and Heating Systems:

Heat Exchanger: Used to cool down the wort quickly after boiling, preventing unwanted flavors and facilitating the fermentation process.

Hot Liquor Tank (HLT): Stores hot water for various brewing purposes, such as mashing and sparging.

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Milling Equipment:

Grain Mill: Necessary for grinding malted grains before mashing. A consistent grind ensures proper extraction of fermentable sugars.

Cellaring Equipment:

Kegs: Used for packaging and serving beer. Kegs come in various sizes, with kegging systems simplifying the packaging process.

Bottling Line: For breweries considering bottling, a bottling line with a filling machine, capper, and labeler is essential.

Quality Control and Laboratory Equipment:

pH Meter: Monitors the acidity of the wort and beer during various stages of the brewing process.

Hydrometer: Measures the specific gravity of the beer, helping determine the alcohol content and fermentation progress.

Microscope: Useful for examining yeast health and identifying potential contaminants.

Cleaning and Sanitization Equipment:

Cleaning Agents: Detergents and sanitizers to maintain a hygienic brewing environment.

CIP (Clean-in-Place) System: An automated system for cleaning brewing vessels and piping without disassembling equipment.


Water Filtration System: Ensures the water used in brewing is free from impurities that might affect the flavor of the beer.

Compressed Air System: Used for various purposes, including transferring liquids and operating valves.

Brewery Software:

Brewery Management Software: Helps with inventory tracking, recipe formulation, and production planning, streamlining brewery operations.

Furniture and Infrastructure:

Tasting Room Furnishings: If you plan to have a taproom, investing in comfortable seating, tables, and a bar is essential for creating an inviting atmosphere.

Plumbing and Electrical Infrastructure: Ensure your brewery is equipped with adequate plumbing for water supply and drainage, as well as a robust electrical system to power brewing equipment.


Starting a brewery is an intricate process that involves careful selection and investment in essential equipment. Whether you’re brewing small batches in a cozy taproom or aiming for larger-scale production, the right equipment will pave the way for a successful brewing venture. By understanding the unique needs of your brewery, you can assemble a toolkit that not only meets production demands but also elevates the quality and consistency of your craft brews. Cheers to crafting your own brewing legacy!

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