What is the Bookie Trap – Tips to Avoid Traps in Soccer Betting

What is the house trap? Perhaps many people already know. However, many bettors still do not understand the signs of traps and how to avoid them. If you want more knowledge about this issue, let’s join Nhà Cái New88 Find out details in the following article.

Find out what the house trap is?

Anyone who has ever played soccer betting is no stranger to the concept of the house trap. This is a special case when the house changes the match odds in an unusual way.

The closer it gets to the time of the match, the more this situation appears. For players, the fluctuating odds table often causes a lot of confusion. You were forced to change your betting decision to avoid losing this match.

Normally, big matches that attract a lot of people’s attention are easier to trap. These traps often appear with less objective betting data. If you don’t have knowledge and stay calm, you can easily be fooled.

What are common signs of bookie traps?

Bookie traps often appear in many different forms to scam you. New players need to grasp every situation to avoid losing money unfairly.

Traps are in the handicap of the match

Asian handicap or handicap is one of the main handicaps most loved by players. That’s why setting traps in handicaps is often the easiest to trick new players.

Newcomers often lack knowledge when exploiting information and betting. Therefore, they often believe in manipulated data given by the house without checking again. This is a familiar tactic in many betting playgrounds that “traps” players and makes them lose money.

What is the lure in the house trap?

Bet bets are the common name of betting bets advertised with very high reward rates. If you have experience, you will see that the chance of winning here is very low, even rare.

However, many newbies are often fascinated by this large bonus. They believe the house’s words and then bet accordingly without checking the accuracy of the parameters. This is one of the house traps that appears frequently and tricks the most people.

Win more to make the trap bigger

Many bookmakers today set very sophisticated traps. Initially, they gave players useful hints and won continuously. Wait until you let go of your defense and trust completely, they will tempt you to play many other bets. The result this time was of course not at all dreamlike. It causes you to lose more than you won.

What is overturning in the house trap?

Many fake brands and poor quality bookmakers are using the method of flipping bets and making players lose confidence in betting. First, they also organize betting as usual and then have very clear odds.

However, after the match ended, the house side was at a loss. Therefore, they delete all bets and unfavorable information so as not to pay rewards to players.

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Experience escaping the house trap when playing soccer betting

The house trap is an obsession for any betting fan. How to avoid falling into the trap and then losing money unjustly, let’s take a look at the secrets of the experts.

Prepare knowledge about betting odds and learn how to bet

First, players learn to understand What is the house trap? Then find a way to prevent it. Look for signs of common pitfalls and prepare a plan to deal with them.

Besides, you need to have knowledge about each betting odds and how to predict the match. This helps you have a stronger mentality and avoid being scammed by low-quality playgrounds.

Choose when to bet to avoid house traps

If asked how to avoid it What is the house trap? Many people will answer that you have to choose the time. If you have any doubts about the odds or the match, it’s best not to rush to bet.

To check again, look through all the betting data at the house and then compare it with other websites. If you see anything unusual, don’t put money down but watch the match. Only when you see that the football match is progressing as predicted, place a bet to avoid risks.

Check the reputation of the soccer betting house before using it

Many players today have the habit of choosing a random playing field and then placing bets. This is the reason why you easily fall into the trap and lose money. If you want to play here, you must first carefully check the reputation and legality of the house first.


Hopefully the above knowledge will help you answer the question What is the house trap?. No one wants to encounter this problem when betting, but today’s market has more and more scams. Therefore, please always be alert and carefully analyze each situation before depositing money.

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