Revolutionizing Visual Experiences with Best-in-Class LED Video Walls :BAKO

BAKO is the industry leader in compelling visual displays, redefining the capabilities of LED video walls. BAKO has established itself as the he best LED video wall brand for businesses and organizations looking to create immersive and engaging visual experiences, thanks to its track record of excellence and commitment to offering best-in-class LED display solutions.

Build A Reputation

BAKO, founded in November 2008, has quickly emerged as a dominant force in the LED display business. The company’s high-tech enterprise encompasses every aspect of LED video wall production, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and comprehensive solutions. BAKO has also received many international awards for the high quality of its products and services.

“Red Dot Award”

BAKO’s commitment to innovative and visually appealing product design was duly recognized in 2017 when the DIAMOND SERIES design received the prestigious “Red Dot Award” from Germany. The Red Dot Award is a globally renowned accolade that honours outstanding design quality and innovation. This recognition further solidified BAKO’s reputation as a leader in design excellence and highlighted the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of LED video wall aesthetics.

“Blue Dot Award” and the “iF Design Award”

BAKO’s dedication to innovation and design is evident in its continuous pursuit of excellence. The company’s LED video walls have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the “Blue Dot Award” and the “iF Design Award” in 2018. These accolades validate BAKO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and delivering LED video walls that combine aesthetics with functionality. BAKO’s LED video walls not only deliver impressive visuals but also enhance the overall ambiance and atmosphere of any space.


As the best LED video wall brand, BAKO continues to revolutionize visual experiences. By combining cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and a customer-centric approach, BAKO sets the benchmark for excellence in the LED display industry.  


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