4 Hacks to Move House Like A Pro in 2023

Moving house is always an exciting moment in life. It’s the start of a new chapter, with new surroundings and maybe even a new town, city or country to get used to. You can’t help but get swept up in the excitement, but what happens when reality hits? Suddenly you’re faced with the task of packing up and moving within a strict timeframe and it can be extremely overwhelming. 

Instead of falling into the pitfall of a stressful move-house experience, here are four hacks that make it possible to move like a pro in 2023.

Start with a Checklist

Because there are so many things to be aware of when moving house, it’s a good idea to have your home moving checklist ready. This list will act as a blueprint, laying out the steps you need to take from the moment your house sells until your big move date. Just be sure to check things off as you go. Should you live with a significant other, it’s a good idea for both of you to have access to the list so you can divide the tasks between the two of you and keep track.

Tackle Little Bits at a Time

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to leave everything until the last minute. Having to pack full rooms and multiple rooms at once is incredibly time-consuming. Not only that, but because you’re rushed, you’re more likely to drop/break things, not pack them as safe or secure as they should be or skip organisation because you’re in a hurry.

Instead, pack like a pro and tackle little bits at a time. Pretty much the moment you decide to move house, it’s time to start packing. It’s best to take it one room, or one area at a time, being careful to label boxes and bins as you go and wrapping fragile items properly.

Decluttering Means Less Packing for You

While you’re in the process of packing up, this is a great time to do some decluttering. The more you can get rid of now, the less you have to pack and take with you. That also means less stuff to unpack on the other end. Expert minimalists tend to suggest making a few piles and labelling them “keep”, “giveaway/donate” and “throw”. Every item needs to fall into one of these three categories. If you’re on the fence about a particular item, ask yourself when the last time was that you used it or needed it. At the very least, decluttering leaves the door open for new stuff that is better suited to your lifestyle and tastes.

Ask for Help from Friends/Family on Moving Day

Finally, it can be a good idea to enlist extra help on the day of your move. Asking close friends and/or family to lend a hand can make the process smoother and faster.

Thanks to these tips, there is no reason why moving house needs to be anything other than a positive experience for all involved.


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