Mindray creates smart AEDs for schools.

In recent years, there have been a lot of cardiac arrests on campus due to stress from school, health problems, and other things. Installation of a first aid station on campus is almost done. As a professional provider of AED for schools, Mindray makes AEDs with high intelligence and clear instructions for using them, which helps improve the efficiency of emergency services.

An AED is a portable emergency device to bring people back from cardiac arrest, find certain arrhythmias, and defibrillate them with an electric shock. AEDs are portable, high-tech devices that non-professionals can use with little training.

How does an AED work, and what is it?

AEDs are mostly used to help people with heart attacks, especially if the attack happens outside of a hospital. In the early stages, ventricular fibrillation happens to most patients.

Using an AED to save a life uses electrical defibrillation to bring the patient back to life quickly and keeps the brain and other nerve tissues from getting hurt.

In many cases of cardiac arrest, the heart doesn’t stop beating. Instead, it flutters. This is called ventricular fibrillation. When we look at the patient’s ECG, we can see that it is not a straight line or a normal periodic curve. Instead, it is a wavy line.

The AEDs made by Mindray use this feature to find out what caused cardiac arrest and start resuscitation immediately.

Why do you need a smart Mindray AED that is easy to carry?

Only defibrillation technology can often save a person’s life when they go into cardiac arrest. For example, let’s say we have a smart AED for first aid and use it according to the instructions. In this case, the AED will finish the diagnostic and shock steps to save the person in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, the whole process only requires a little knowledge about how things work or about medicine.

As long as the operational parameters are followed, first aid can be given without problems, which makes it much more likely that people with heart problems will live. It’s possible because Mindray’s AED uses new, cutting-edge technology for school products.

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