4 Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Work and at Home

Do not get overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you. There are lots of ways to boost your productivity and get the job done. Here are four simple hacks that can help you to get more from your day and tick lots of boxes on your list of jobs.

Stop Multitasking and Plan Your Work

People often think multitasking is a valuable skill, but it can cause more trouble and delays than it is worth. You will never be able to accomplish a task to the best of your abilities if you are distracted by another job you have on your list. Plan your day, set an appropriate amount of time for each task, and give each job on your list your full attention. Keep upcoming jobs out of your mind, just work through each task and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking them off and working through your day methodically.

Work to a Rhythm

Whether you are doing housework, homework, or bustling around the office, music can help you get more done. It doesn’t matter whether you are fixing bedsheets or spreadsheets; listening to music while you work has been proven to boost productivity in countless studies. There are many different techniques you can use to increase productivity with music and get more from your day. Podcasts can also be beneficial but be aware of their ability to cause distractions. Music flows better and with the right playlist, you will never have to skip a track. Just get your head down and bop to the beat.

Give Yourself a Break

This is one of the best tips in this list. People often struggle to complete all their daily tasks because they do not reward themselves for their efforts or time to recover from being busy. Having a break is important, and you should plan on getting ten minutes to yourself every hour. You can use this time to top up your coffee mug or grab a quick snack, but the important thing is to move away from your workstation or put down the vacuum cleaner. Give yourself space from the task. These little breaks will help you get more done when you pick the task back up again.

Break It Down

Some tasks, whether at work or home, can seem overwhelming. The best way to approach big jobs is to break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Cleaning the house is a great example. That alone seems like a mammoth task, but when you spilt it up into smaller pieces and divide up the tasks from room to room it suddenly becomes a series of short jobs. Put in some planning and preparation time before you get to work and split up your jobs into smaller tasks. Schedule them wisely, so you aren’t bouncing from one place to another, and get them in a logical and efficient order.

Use a few of these top tips and you will smash your list of tasks whether you are at home or work. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and over-stressed by a full day of work, but you will just spin your wheels and get nowhere fast if you let it get to you. Plan your day, put on some tunes, and smash that job list.


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