Why African Americans Have Whiter Teeth?

Why African Americans Have Whiter Teeth?

Esthetic dentistry has grown in popularity as more people are becoming aware of the immense changes that this procedure can have on their smiles and overall looks. Choosing the right color for patients when all the records of size, color, and form have been lost calls for immense knowledge and understanding of biological and physical that is directly related to the patient.

It’s believed that there is a relationship between skin color teeth brightness. Skin tones have a way of altering how the general public looks at your teeth, and those who have a darker complexion are believed to be brighter when compared to those that have lighter skin shades. But why is it that African Americans have whiter teeth?

Color is both subjective and objective

There are various ways that can be used to describe color, and some of these methods have been used in dentistry. Value, hue, and chroma are the most common color values that are used. He describes the type of color, tint, or shade which is produced by a certain wavelength of light that is acting on the viewer’s retina. Also, the biological structure of African teeth differs from that of other races, and this contributes to the difference in the color of their teeth.

Value refers to the darkness, brightness, or lightness of color on an object, and this is normally considered to be of greater significance. Tooth shades offer a standard method that can be used to simulate how natural teeth look.

The color of the facial skin

The color of your facial skin also serves as a guide for determining the shade of your teeth. It’s scientifically suggested that the value of a tooth’s color should correspond to the darkness or lightness of your facial color. Many studies have shown a strong positive correlation between skin color and the shade of the teeth.

Other factors that affect the color of teeth

The perception of the color of teeth is a highly complex phenomenon and this may be influenced by several factors that include the ability of the tooth to absorb or reflect light, the type of incident light, and the context in which an observer views your teeth.


There is no doubt that there is a huge relationship between skin color and the shade of your teeth. Persons that have lighter complexions are most likely to have less bright teeth than those who have black skin. This is the reason why African Americans are perceived to have brighter teeth. It’s also envisaged that the shine of teeth in black people is better than their light-skinned counterparts no matter their age. It’s this kind of understanding that dentists use to offer their dental patients a more natural appearance, especially among elderly persons who have dark skin complexion.

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