The Benefits Of The Hidden Frame Curtain Wall

In this article, the author will compare the differences between a regular curtain wall and a hidden frame curtain wall. The benefits of the Hidden Frame Curtain Wall will be explained through its design and construction.

Why the hidden frame leads to better performance

A regular curtain wall can have a lot of issues. The curtain wall can cause heat and noise issues. The curtain wall also affects the air quality. The hidden frame glass curtain wall solves all of these problems.

Performance comparison of the hidden frame and a regular curtain wall

There are many benefits to installing a hidden frame glass curtain wall over a regular curtain wall. The main advantage is that the hidden frame is much more energy-efficient, saving you money on your electric bill. Additionally, the hidden frame is also much more aesthetically pleasing. It can completely transform the look of your space, making it look much more modern and sleek. Finally, a hidden frame curtain wall is much easier to clean than a regular curtain wall. all you need to do is vacuum it once a week!


The hidden frame glass curtain wall is a much better choice for a building than a regular curtain wall. Not only does it look more modern and sleek, but it also provides privacy and security for you. If you’re looking to add a little extra privacy while still keeping the style contemporary, then a hidden frame glass curtain wall is the way to go.

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