Where To Find The Best Dog Tag

Where To Find The Best Dog Tag – A Guide to Quality and Cost

Most people know about the importance of a dog tag, and most military personnel will have been issued with one before being deployed. Even so, a staggering number of servicemen and women lose their tags every year – with many of them never being found again. The result is that families are left devastated by the loss, while others are unable to be buried or cremated as they cannot provide proof of identification. This article covers everything you need to know regarding where to get the best dog tag and what features to look for when buying one.

What is a Dog Tag?

A dog tag is a small metal plate with an individual’s information engraved on it. Typically, these tags are worn by military personnel around their necks and attached to a chain. They are used for identification purposes, as well as carrying relevant medical information should the wearer get injured in battle.

What to Look for When Buying A Dog Tag

There are a number of things to look for when buying a dog tag, but the most important thing is that it be made from military-grade materials. A good quality dog tag will be made from metal and will have an indented surface in order to ensure that the engraving on it can be read by scanning devices. It should also be engraved with your personal information, as well as any contact details that you want to include on the tag. A high-quality dog tag is easy to distinguish from a low-quality one. Dog tags are generally round and have a diameter of around 2 inches (5 cm). High quality ones will also have deep engravings, whereas low quality ones will only have shallow engravings.

The Importance of a Good Quality Dog Tag

A dog tag is a small metal plate that hangs from a chain, and the information on it allows for identification of soldiers in the event that they are killed. In this digital age, there is little need for something like this, but for military personnel who are deployed to foreign territory, it can mean the difference between being reunited with their family or never being found again.

How Much Does A Good Quality Dog Tag Cost?

The cost of a good quality dog tag ranges depending on what company you buy it from and how much you spend. The most expensive tags can be bought for $80, while the cheapest might be around $20.

Which Is The Best Place To Find A Good Quality Dog Tag?

There are many places you can find a high quality dog tag. For example, you can find them from military stores and specialist websites. However, it is important to note there is no industry standard for what constitutes a good quality dog tag. This means that there are often many different opinions as to which dog tags are the best. The most important thing to do is to check the quality of the metal before buying one. You want to look for a durable and tough metal, such as steel or nickel-plated brass. It should be easy to read the text on the metal, with raised letters ideally being between 1mm and 3mm high. The metal should also be free of sharp edges or rough surfaces so your pet doesn’t get hurt when wearing it. It is also worth checking the size of the tag before buying it, as not all pets have uniform neck sizes. Many tags come in different sizes so you can buy one that matches your pet’s neck perfectly. Finally, check the nameplate on the back – this should be readable without any problems whatsoever.

Summing up

The tags are often engraved with crucial personal information such as name, rank, military service and blood type.

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