Taper Haircut Styles Worth Trying

A taper haircut is a style where the length of the hair is shortened up to about a centimeter above the ear, near the nape of the neck. If your haircut is shorter at the lower side than at the top, it is a taper hairstyle.  Taper haircuts are classy and at the same time, cutting edge. Taper hairstyles are versatile and serve you for an extended time when compared to other severely clipped styles.

The advantage of a taper haircut is that it is extremely safe just the way you want them to be. You should not mistake taper hairstyles for a fade. A fade hairstyle is a haircut in which the sides and back are faded from the taper downwards to a grade two and below length. Taper haircut are the best choice if you have thick and wavy hair as they are best at eliminating weight and making your curls more convenient.

How to Taper Haircuts Fit Different Face Shapes

Just in case you are not sure about your face shape and you are wondering which haircut to go for, taper hairstyles are the best choice because they add length which brings some extra needed definition. Most barbers finish your cuts with a taper unless they are specifically asked not to.

If your face shape is triangular, then caution is necessary. In case your face is thinner at the chin than at the temples, a taper haircut will exaggerate these features instead of softening them. If your face is in other shapes other than triangular, taper is a good choice because it makes the haircut pop.


Consult Your Stylist to Get the Best Taper Haircut

In case you want your taper hairstyle to be more pronounced, you should let your barber know. However, when making your taper haircut more pronounced, you should be careful not to make it as extreme as a fade. When you are making your consultation make sure that you mention you need the hair to be sharp near the back of your neck and around the ears.

Another thing you should remember to mention when consulting for a taper cut is that you prefer the shortest taper length but not down to the skin. With a taper cut, you don’t have to do extra styling because it is short and clipped hair. You only need to get your taper haircut tidied up after several weeks to avoid having the wisps blunting the edges.

Best Taper Hairstyles

While a taper cut is used to mean a style where the hair is trimmed to the sides and the back, a taper hairstyle is used to refer to a number of haircuts. Let us discuss some taper haircuts.

●      The no.2 Back and Sides

It is a sensible and clean haircut for men. You should ask your barber to finish up on tidying around your ears and the back of your neck. The haircut should be finished by using a hair product that is not too strong but low-shine.

●      The Tapered Pompadour

To achieve the tapered pompadour, ask your barber to give you a perfect skin taper. In order to give the haircut a rounded shape, the skin taper should be blended up to the greater length on the sides and the back.

●      Mid-Length Scissor Cut With a Taper

When completed with a taper at around one to three inches, your hair is able to retain an incredible masculine shape. Without a taper, scissors can be used to naturally put a cut around the neckline allowing the hair to naturally hang over the ears.

●      High Taper With a Textured Quaff

Your taper should be started further up your head so that it makes a smooth gradient that can be used to make heavy styles on top.

●      Tapered Skin Fade

Deciding where the end of the taper is, and the beginning of the fade depends on the beholder. If you blur the boundaries of the taper and the fade, you will achieve the perfect taper fade.

●      Tapered Hard Part

Has one side of your head with longer hair than the other and it requires time styling. When consulting for this haircut, you should ask the barber to do a skin taper and at the same time maintain the hairline from the ear back to the neck severely distinct.

Styling a Taper Haircut

When styling your taper haircut, it is advisable you use products and run your fingers through the hair to achieve a style that best suits you.

Source: Taper Fade Haircut Tutorial

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