What is the progressive bingo pot

What is the progressive bingo pot? 

Bingo and slots have won over many hearts in its time. It has truly proven itself as the game of the people with bingo halls welcoming anyone that wishes to take part. A newcomer in the world of bingo will be quickly introduced to the way things work around here: you are seated and greeted by the neighboring players who will make you feel welcome. A fun evening is ahead! While waiting for the game to start, you are free to chat and get to know fellow players. However, you better keep your silence and composure when the game commences – bingo players do not tolerate a heckler who interferes or talks over the bingo caller! 

Contrary to a popular belief, bingo is a game that can be re-invented and innovated in! If you find that hard to believe, just have a look through bingo websites. You will find a range of branded games and other bingo ventures, all benefiting from creative game mechanics and bonus prizes.

This article is focused on progressive bingo pots which are some of the best things about bingo games today. All about them below! 

Prizes that can put lotteries to shame! 

Progressive bingo pots are prizes that are regularly awarded to the luckiest of bingo players. What is special about these prizes is the sheer amount of profits that they offer. It is common for progressive pots to be in the range of a few thousand pounds to several tens of thousands! However, the biggest of progressive pots go by the millions. 

  • Progressive pots are made up of all players’ bets nationally or even internationally! Therefore, anyone who places a bet in a game with progressive pots has a chance of winning one of these prizes. Keep in mind, that with this level of competition, winning a progressive pot will be challenging. However, the prospect of becoming a millionaire might be just the thing that makes it worth a try! 

Progressive pots are sometimes compared to lottery prizes. The lottery and bingo might bear no resemblance to each other in the way the games are carried out. However, both are capable of awarding players six-figure amounts of cash and changing lives!

If taking part in a fun game while also having the chance to win large amounts of money sounds good to you, then bingo with progressive pots might be a good choice for you. 

Progressive pot summary 

  • Largest prizes ever to be offered in a gambling setting.
  • Any bingo ticket purchased has a chance to be a winner of a progressive pot.
  • A variety of games offer progressive pots. You can expect to play 90 Ball, 80 Ball, 75 Ball and other types of bingo with progressive pots.
  • Progressive pots could be worth a few hundred, a few thousand or several million pounds! This differs greatly between games and bingo providers.

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