How to Remove Text From Image Online

How to Remove Text From Image Online

We all know how to highlight or add text on a picture and it can be done even by using inbuilt phone’s editing tools. But removing text from an image can be a hectic task. A simple way that you can use to remove text from an image is just cropping the image or you can add a sticker or any other piece to hide the text but it will surely not look so good. 

Almost every photo on the internet and google contained different types of words, logos, or watermarks and these types of photos were useless until we found a way to remove these undesirable texts. Many offline and online working platforms enable you to remove text from images without affecting the background and the original quality of the photo. 

Why do we need to remove texts from photos?

There are a lot of reasons why we need to remove text from an image. The text could be a watermark and you need to remove watermark from photo to use it in any professional document or you simply want to post it on social media. Students also need to remove any undesirable text from images that they are willing to add to their educational projects or assignments. 

To get the best result we have to use an efficient tool to perform the task, to make things more simple for you we have described an efficient tool and the way how you can remove text from any image easily online. 

What is the best tool to remove text from images?

There are a lot of tools that provide you the option to remove text from images but these tools are mostly paid or they don’t give the best results. It is suggested to use an online tool where you don’t need to download or install programs. Among the free online available services imgkits is the best option, anyone can choose. 

Inpaint tools of imgkits are designed to remove any undesirable thing from images, you can remove a person, an object, or text easily without affecting the background quality of your photos. Watermark remover of imgkits is the actual interface that can help out in removing text present on photos. 

How to remove text from images by using imgkits?

As described earlier by using the watermark remover tool of imgkits you can easily remove the text present anywhere on the photo in just a few clicks. This is the fastest tool that can give you the best results in no time. Following are step by step guidelines that can help in removing texts online:

Step 1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of imgkits. To access all the tools log in here. The login button is present at the top right hand.

Step 2. Scroll down on the homepage and choose “Watermark Remover” or simply go to the inpaint tab and here you will be able to remove text.

Step 3. When you find the tool, upload the image from which you want to remove text by using the “Upload Image” button.

Step 4. Once the image is uploaded, paint the text via brush and that’s all. The AI technology will remove the text automatically.

Step 5. On the top right side the “Download” button is present, click on it and save the photo. 

Ending Remarks

Sometimes we download an image from the internet and it contains some undesirable text and logos that need to be removed so we can further use it. Above we have described the way that you can use to remove any type of text from your photos online easily without affecting the background quality of your photo. 

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