What Is the Best Handheld Machine Mobile Terminal?

In the old times, workers verified incoming orders and entered items into an inventory system by relying on manual work which means there are could be a lot of errors, resulting in unexpected stock outages, overpayment to vendors, and dead stock. A solution would be using PDAs to scan goods while at the same time checking for product integrity. Handheld PDA scanners are widely used in various industry scenarios like clothing wholesale, jewelry management, retail inventory, asset inventory, warehouse management, and so on. This article provides an overview of the different types of smart handheld machines and makes a recommendation according to different applications.

Types of UROVO handheld PDAs

– DT50(U): UROVO DT50(U) is a smart handheld RFID reader. As an outstanding uhf RFID reader, the DT50U’s internal 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna can cover a more comprehensive scanning range, enabling a quick reading of a large number of RFID labels within 20m. The diversified functions of the DT50U handheld RFID scanner are widely used in various industry scenarios such as clothing wholesale, jewelry management, retail inventory, asset inventory, warehouse management, and so on.

– UROVO RT40: RT40 is a durable cold storage handheld PDA scanner designed for harsh environments, with a professional anti-condensation screen and cold-resistant features that can be used normally even in low-temperature environments. The RT40 long-distance scanner is equipped with a professional 1D/2D barcode scanning engine, supports on-screen barcode scanning, and can easily identify barcodes and quickly decode them within a 15-meter scanning range.

– DT50H: DT50H portable smart mobile terminals with built-in anti-pandemic registration software can be used for real-time infrared body temperature measurement and personnel information control, such as reading ID cards and taking photos. It can also record and export the identity, body temperature, time, and other personnel information at any time to keep control of the situation in case of emergencies.


Founded in 2006, UROVO has been the world’s leading industry mobile application solution provider. It is one of the earliest enterprises in China that focuses on the R&D of industry mobile application products. Rooted in core technology and focused on innovative applications in the industry, Urovo provides digital solutions based on smart terminals for customers in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, manufacturing, government, transportation and other industries. If you are looking for a smart handheld PDA, Just go to UROVO to meet what you need.

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