Which Tools Do SEOs Use the Most?

SEO professionals know what they’re doing: and have had 20 years to perfect it.  Although the algorithm for sites like Google changes constantly, there’s a lot you can learn from using these awesome tools.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a useful tool that’s been around for 18 years and isn’t getting the attention it deserves.  Not only does this trend tracker tell you who’s searching for what, but it also helps you keep an eye on what’s going to be trending, what’s falling down in interest, and if your brand’s been searched more before or after your advertising changes.

This helps you pick the best keywords possible and make your site the most interesting it can be.

SEO Quake

This free SEO tool is the best Chrome extension by far.  Not only does it help by performing on-page site audits, but it also compares your site to your competitors and lets you know how you’re performing.

This is incredibly useful since it’ll help you keep track of your keyword use and density and will give you the chance to get your site in order.


One of the best SEO tools out there is Siteliner.  This SEO tool checks your website for duplicate content.  Search engines like Google will troll through websites to watch out for duplicate content and will penalize you in search results because of it.  Even if it’s a short portion, it can really hurt you.

Siteliner also searches for the average page size, the speed it uploads, the count of how many internal links your site has, and if you have any broken links.  This is incredibly useful.

Fat Rank

This free extension for Chrome helps you analyze how your company is performing.  Not only does it let you add keywords and analyze them, but it also helps you realize if you’re not ranking within the top 100 results for a keyword without having to count through them.  Not only will this information help you optimize your website for better ranking, but it also helps you recognize what keywords you need to add.

Keywords Everywhere

This extension for Chrome uses tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Search Console to help you build the best keywords your company should use.  This is a completely free tool that allows you to build your numbers.  You can also use this to double-check your current keywords and make sure you’re on the right path with them.,


Although you might not believe it: Incognito is incredibly useful if you’re doing SEO work.  When you search for things on Google, it can be affected by what sites you’ve visited before and what previous searches you’ve done.

Going incognito on your browser allows you to get a clear and unbiased site ranking.  This will help you see what searches your business does best on and where you can improve.

Every Company Can Shine With These Tools

Even if you’re new to the world of SEO, you can still grow through it!  Consider using some of these tools to get your company to the top of the results.

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