Top 5 Real Money Games Where You Can Earn Well

Top 5 Real Money Games Where You Can Earn Well

Are you looking to earn some money while playing online games? It’s not as difficult as you may think. India’s online gaming industry is worth ₹136 billion in 2021 and it is growing at a rapid pace. 

A KPMG report illustrates that India was the top country in gaming downloads in the casual mobile gaming sub-segment in 2020. Around 7.3 billion downloads were recorded in the first three quarters of 2020. Approximately 45% of smartphone users in India play online games. While most people look for fun and recreation through online games, some people make a high part-time income via online gaming.

Since it has turned into a huge fad, many gaming platforms have emerged with an array of exciting games that pay well. From online rummy to solitaire and blackjack, there are a number of card games online that can fetch a handsome earning opportunity. But that’s not all. There are many more online games that you can play to make money.

Wondering what all online games are there to choose from? We’ve picked the top five games that you’d love to play.

  1. Fantasy Cricket League Games

Cricket has been a popular game in India for a long time, and IPL has added a new craze for cricket lovers. The Fantasy Cricket League Games have become popular with the emergence of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a T20 cricket tournament where domestic and international players play for different franchises. 

While watching the exciting T20 matches in IPL, you can invest money in predicting the fantasy playing XI. If you predict a playing XI of the best-performing players, you can earn quite a bit overnight. Here’s a guide on how it works.

  • Download and install the app on your smartphone.
  • Select a match and create your fantasy 11 team.
  • You will find many contests where you can enlist your team.
  • Users can create multiple teams and join numerous contests.
  • Chance of winning increases with the performance of the players in your team.
  1. Online Ludo

Ludo is a popular indoor game in India, and many people have childhood memories of playing it with their friends and family members. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people in India revived their affection for the game. As a result, online ludo has become a huge craze among the youth. 

Did you know you can also earn money while playing ludo? Once you sign up, there is an option to buy coins. To make money, the player needs to choose a table to play the game. Pick your set of real time players and start playing. If you win, redeem your earned coins into a registered bank account or Paytm. The best thing about the game is that it is simple and most beginners do not find any difficulty in understanding the game rules. 

  1. Online Rummy

If card-based online games are your thing, online rummy is the perfect option. You will find different game variations on Classic Rummy, a reliable and 100% secure online rummy platform. Make the best combinations in the form of Sets or Sequences. 

Download the Classic Rummy app, where you can invest money and play against various opponents. It gives you 24/7 access to enjoy the game. What’s more, it is completely legal and safe to play rummy as the Supreme Court declared it a “game of skill” and not a “game of chance” wherein players’ mental skill is required to win the game.

More than 10 lakh players have registered to this portal, and thus you can play the game against various opponents and earn money. Not just that, on Classic Rummy, you can join multiple communities to find virtual friends. Playing online rummy also brings a chance to socialize with like-minded people.

  1. Online Quiz Games

Did you know you can earn money just by answering quizzes? Many online gaming platforms come with online quizzing games, which offer an excellent opportunity to make money. 

Playing online quizzing games is beneficial for many reasons. If you are bored and sitting alone in your home, you can participate in online quizzes to eliminate your boredom. Online quizzes also improve your general knowledge. 

Even though you answer the questions incorrectly and fail to earn a good amount of money, you always have the opportunity to learn many exciting facts through participating in the quizzes. Before playing the online quizzes, do check out the rules of the game. Understanding it thoroughly will help you to optimize your earnings.

  1. Virtual Pool 

Playing 8-ball and 9-ball pools on virtual platforms is quite interesting. In fact, you can also earn good cash prizes. To start playing the game, you need to submit a small fee. For a $5 prize game, the entry fee can be around $3.

With an intuitive interface and 3-D graphics, the game is quite fun to play. Once you win cash prizes, you can go to the “withdraw” option and redeem them through PayPal.

With such interesting options, isn’t playing games a good way to beat your stress and earn some extra money? Going by the statistics, real money earning games can help you earn anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per month!

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