Ligue 1 - The League of Dead’s

Ligue 1 – The League of Dead’s

Ligue 1 is a French football league that started back in 1930. Uber Eats sponsor the league, so it is officially named Ligue 1 Uber Eats. It is a Men’s football-associated league of France in which players from all over the world play. 20 clubs from all over France compete for the reign of the Thrown. It is based on the system of promotion and relegation, as it has a second division associated league named Ligue 2. There are 19 clubs from France competing against each other, while the other named AS Monaco is a foreign club competing. Thus, it is also called a cross-border League. 


The league was officially enrolled on 11th September 1932, under France Division 1. It was renovated and updated to its name, Ligue 1, in 2002. The league’s founders were Georges Bayrou, Emmanuel Gambardella, and Gabriel Hanot. The complete professional form of the league was sanctioned from the year 1932.

Competition Format 

There are 20 clubs in the league, each team play off with each other twice in a single season, and at the end, the top 4 clubs get permission to compete in the European Cup while the last 2 get eliminated to Division 2. The club that finishes top of the table wins the league and claims its domain. The league has its separate cup knockout tournament in which 10 teams from both divisions compete against each other. 

The new season usually starts in August and runs until May, with a December break. They play 38 matches to conclude the year’s season, usually scheduled at the weekends. It is considered one of the top national leagues to be considered after many other countries. The current champions are Lille; the club with the number title is Saint-Etienne (10), while the club with the most consecutive titles is Olympique Lyonnais (7).

The League of Dead’s   

Ligue 1 has never been the league for intense competition and excitement. It has always been outside the spotlight since its existence. Moreover, the league has never been telecasted worldwide, unlike many other leagues of other countries. According to a survey by FIFA, it comes in the 5th spot in the list of the most competitive leagues in the world after EPL, LaLiga, Seria A tin, and Bundesliga. The fan following of the league in social media has not been up to that level compared to the other leagues of the world. 

The games’ tickets aren’t even available on the online platform, unlike the other leagues. However, eventually, the arrival of the greatest footballer Lionel Messi had an impeccable impact on the popularity and the sale of tickets. The craze has been much more after his arrival and even the price of the tickets. If you are an online game lover and don’t get the ticket, you can enjoy the football-based online slots and have fun. 

The eventual rise in the league’s popularity has been at its apex after his arrival. Many journalists often refer to it as the league of the dead. It is also a league for all the aged players on the verge of retirement.  

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