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Hunting the Golden Dragon is a card exchange game portal specializing in 3D online fish shooting and is completely free. Not only does it have an impressive interface screen, but the vibrant sound system helps players easily visualize that vast and vast ocean. More specifically, the game lobby also launches many extremely interesting giftcode giving events. Follow the article below by New88 for a detailed look at this ideal game portal.
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General Introduction to Golden Dragon Hunting

Hunting golden dragons is an online fish shooting venue that has only just launched in the entertainment market in Vietnam in recent years. The game portal deserves to be an online fish shooting paradise because up to now, there have been thousands of fish shooting games with many advanced and unique features that give every fisherman a realistic look. of a betting venue.

The prestigious gaming portal is famous for its title “warm inside, soft outside”. The quality of the images in the interface screen to the outstanding features impress every bettor at first sight. That is a special attraction in the elements of excellent graphic interface design, simple gameplay and extremely attractive rewards.

Right from the early days of 2019, the game lobby officially entered the Vietnamese online fish shooting market. After only a short time, this place has gradually asserted its position and is known by everyone as a prestigious name.

Hunting the Golden Dragon Developed by a reputable brand publisher in Asia’s leading betting market. That’s why the 3D fish shooting games owned at the game portal all surpass the fish shooting games of their competitors and since then the number of participants has also increased rapidly.

At the same time, the game portal always tries to be creative to regularly update and upgrade the quality of products, creating the healthiest and most classy playground of all time.

Detailed Review of Golden Dragon Hunting Game Portal

It also operates like many other prize-winning fish shooting game portals, but after a short time, the playground has taken a powerful position in the market and in the hearts of each player because of the goal of building a system and operating in the field Shoot fish clearly. It is because of that detailed scale construction that has helped this location develop a reasonable direction and choose the most correct path.

Below are some detailed and fair reviews from players who have experienced and are currently experiencing the game Hunting the Golden Dragon that is:
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Reputable reward system

The game portal’s reward exchange system is extremely rich that bettors can choose from such as withdrawing by scratch card, converting to cash in a simple and convenient way. Players do not need to spend too much time confirming transactions. As long as the system confirms that the information matches the registered information and the conditions that bettors meet, the reward redemption will be extremely fast and safe.

To keep up with today’s era of strong technological development, the game portal has continuously introduced thorough upgrades, meticulously refined from form to quality content of the product. game products. That’s why users always trust and choose to come to a healthy playground with excellent rewards service.

Safe transactions

Game portalHunting the Golden Dragon Not only does it provide gamers with useful payment support in every step, but it also clearly demonstrates credibility and fairness in every transaction. That is enough to make a reputable bookmaker and it is very easy for players to manage the capital invested in their own games.

At the same time, it took about 3 short minutes for you to make a successful transaction. Although the game portal has an easy login feature, it does not make it easy to lose your account or be invaded by hackers. Once officially becoming a member of the house, bettors will be absolutely guaranteed by the system about all customer information, including transaction information.

Sharp, vivid interface

Gamers will fall in love with the game portal at first sight when they first visit the official homepageHunting the Golden Dragon. Bettors will not be surprised and excited when they see with their own eyes the extremely sophisticated and eye-catching 3D visual interface.

Blue is the main color of the interface and there is also a color combination of fresh colors that are the blue of the vast ocean and of creatures, seas…

Thanks to that sophisticated design, it has created an outstanding, lively and attractive space for all players. Not stopping there, this fish shooting location also has unique music in each game and is incredibly fun to listen to. Therefore, you get more energy, both hunting fish and gold right at home.

Diverse ecosystems under the sea

In the game portal, currently the marine ecological system has been operating on many interesting and unique games. The appearance of more than 40 species of fish from large to small with different colors and species has created a vast, lively and rich ocean space that makes people ecstatic.

Besides, Arowana Hunting also owns boss fish with large appearance and extremely attractive value such as Fire Jellyfish, Mermaid, Sea Dragon… To hunt these creatures successfully, the game portal has started. from colorful weapons such as guns, bows, daggers… Each type of weapon will have outstanding and creative features for fishermen to choose from.

Instructions for Getting the Hottest Golden Dragon Hunting Code

To stir up the atmosphere in the vast ocean, the house has organized attractive events to thank the gamers who have trusted and bet at this prestigious game portal. The events take place in many different forms, typically the game of chasing pictures and catching words.

The game lobby will release images and ask each player to give the correct answers. The first 50 players to answer correctly will receive a gift code of 100k. The event takes place for about 2 days, with questions that are not too difficult and this is an opportunity to make money for all bettors.

Besides, to receive the code successfully, players need to pay attention to the following terms:

  • Nick participating in the event is a real nick and has a number of friends of 300 or more.
  • Edited yes comments will not be accepted.
  • If you answer the same, the event organizers will base it on time, and the fastest person will be awarded coins for real money.


The content of the above article has helped players discover all the information about reputable game portalsHunting the Golden Dragon. From the objective assessments of previous players, you have seen that this is the leading fish shooting playground in the current gaming market. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity to get rich and hunt for gold to pile up into a “mountain” of gold to bring home!

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