What is Bach Thu Lo? Method of predicting white lottery numbers like a master

Bach Thu Lo is one of the most popular ways to play lottery because it helps bring high winning rates. However, not everyone knows how to play the lottery correctly. Therefore, the article below, New88 will help you get the best direction in how to play the lottery.
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What is Bach Thu Lo?

Bach Lottery is a concept that is no longer strange to game players, especially those who regularly play lotteries, lotteries, and gambling. So what exactly is the white lotto?

Bach Thu is a spoken word and is not included in any books. However, you can understand it simply as follows. Bach Thu Lottery is a way of gambling in which participants must actively judge, weigh, measure, and analyze to make the final choice. Meaning, with this way of playing, you won’t have to spend too much money. As long as you have a good, steady spirit, good judgment, and careful synthesis, you will have a high chance of winning.

In short, white lottery is a smart way to play lottery that many gamers today apply. With this approach, players will minimize risks without having to spend a lot of money. The gameplay is simple and anyone can understand to give good directions.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing the lottery

About advantages

The biggest advantage of playing lottery is that you invest little capital. Instead of having to invest too much money in lotteries, now you only need to spend a small capital to get quite accurate numbers. So for those who are still worried about their capital when playing, this is the perfect choice.

In particular, the winning rate of this game is quite high. Each day the Northern lottery results will have a total of 27 prizes, including special prizes. The odds of winning the white lottery will be higher and help players have the opportunity to win huge prizes.

About disadvantages

Many people play hastily, make wrong judgments and do not synthesize the results from the most recent times, leading to choosing the wrong lot and losing the opportunity to receive bonuses. Therefore, to improve this, you need to immediately consider the methods below to apply.

Extremely standard method of catching white lottery numbers

Below are some methods of predicting and catching lottery numbers that have been applied by experts at New88 for many years. Of course, all methods are for reference only, you should consider choosing accordingly.

Catching a diamond-shaped lotto

This is one of the methods chosen by many people because it gives a very high feed rate, up to 90%. Therefore, if you are wondering if you should use this method to win prizes in this game, then immediately apply the diamond-shaped lottery method.

Specifically, you will take the results of the consecutive prizes of prizes 3,4,5 and from there arrange them vertically and horizontally in 2 diamond-shaped positions to get the lottery number. For example, if you stack 3 consecutive prizes from the last 2 days, you will have the numbers 09897, 98053, 57603.

Catch a double lottery player

With the method of catching double lotteries, you should rely on the number with a dumb head or a dumb tail to have the best chance of guessing correctly. To catch double lottery numbers based on dumb numbers, look up the most recent results table to find the dumb numbers of the day. Continuing, you will see if the double number of that number comes out in the next few days or not, then calculate the average and choose the appropriate number.
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To catch a double lottery with mute tail, you also need to look at the results in the last few days, summarize and combine the ends of the results together. Most likely, today, the results will be exactly the same and give you a high chance of winning.

With the above methods of catching white lottery players, many gamers have conquered and won many victories. Some people even buy a house and a car because they continuously win the lottery when applying this method. Therefore, if you are wondering how to play in the right direction and receive lots of bonuses, then immediately apply this way of playing. Surely you will feel satisfied and excited because you have continuously brought home many rewards from this simple but accurate way of picking the lottery.

At the same time, during the lottery process, you need to concentrate 100% of your energy, not distracting yourself with other things so that the review and guesswork are as good as possible. If you want to further improve your chances of winning, go to lottery and lottery forums and learn how to catch extremely good lottery numbers from super experts. Surely combined with this strategy, you will easily pass the barrier and bring back many valuable bonuses.


Hopefully with your sharing New88 Above, you have a better understanding of the lottery and have the opportunity to win a lot of prize money. Just a few times of application, you will find this way of playing extremely fun and bringing a high win rate.

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