The types of roles in CSGO

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A Luker is a player who focuses on outmanoeuvring the enemies through stealth. They try to ambush the enemy camp and kill remote players constantly.

An excellent luker must have extensive knowledge of the map and trigger discipline. This helps them to conduct a surprise attack on the enemies effectively. 


This role is played alongside the entry flagger role or in their absence. It is primarily a passive role, and the player is the backline of the game. 

In the presence of a fragger, his responsibility is to provide cover to the entry fragger to help them focus solely on ambushing enemy sites.

To achieve this, they throw grenades, and light flashes to blind the opposition and make smokes to secure entry points and cover the flagger’s movement. 

The entry fragger

The entry fragger is the first position and arguably the sacrificial lamb of a CSGO team. They are the initiators of the game and often the first to die.

It is a high-risk position that involves rushing to a site as a terrorist and surprising the opponents by destroying their defence. They can push for the right angles and moments in their aggressiveness or be intelligent and deliberate with the attacks.

In the event of death, the entry fragger still wins if they can identify the enemies and report them to their teammates. 

In-game leader

The IGL is the tactical mastermind of the team and calls all the shots. Based on the gathered information, he makes decisions on things like pushes, rotates, and the economy.

For instance, in a round, the IGL instructs his teammates on the actions to take. As a counter-terrorist, he acts as the team’s support and thus works swiftly to counteract the enemy and keep track of his whereabouts.

He, therefore, should be knowledgeable about the game, flexible, and a good decision maker.

The star

The start can be likened to the team’s baby but is primarily tasked with winning. The support protects them, IGL gives them room to shine, and the entry fragger allows them to choose the most favourable fights. 

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