The cleanest way to make blue rare steak

The cleanest way to make blue rare steak

You can either make blue rare steak in the skillet or in the frying pan. If you’re using the skillet, you’re going to want to clean it thoroughly to remove any traces of impurities that the meat might have come in contact with while being stored. While you’re at it, you may as well clean the outside of the steak as well since you’ll be using it to create your masterpiece. When it comes to the cleaning process, there’s really no general rulebook that can tell you which is the cleanest way to make blue rare steak. Some steakhouses will actually brown the meat to add extra flavor, so you may want to maintain that if you’re looking for a less salty dish. You can also brown your own steak at home, but it’s less efficient and may lead to a less flavorful dish.

The spicy way to make blue rare steak

If you want your steak to be more red, you can always buy a whole ribeye and remove the medallion, which is what’s used to score the steak and give it its signature red color. But if you’d like to go with the more classic approach and make a steakhouse style dish using the red meat, try to find a steak with a higher amount of spiciness. While you can always substitute in some of your favorite seasonings, such as a touch of cayenne or even red wine vinegar, try to go with the more traditional approach and use a higher amount of paprika to give your steak a more robust flavor. At the end of the day, your restaurant-quality blue rare steak is going to taste delicious whether you make it at home or not. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add some great flavor to your regular meal, consider making blue steak at home.

The simple way to make blue rare steak

If you’re a seasoned chef or have a good amount of time on your hands, you can also try making a steakhouse style steak using the stovetop. This is probably the easiest way to go, but make sure that you follow the exact same process as the other methods listed above. Start by using a cast-iron skillet or a Norwegian fry pan, both of which are super versatile pieces of equipment. You’re going to want to use a high-quality steak sauce for this because the more saturated and flavorful the better, as well as being more efficient with your kitchen space.

To obtain the maximum return on your money, you should get something that is both recently made and not too salted. If you want your steak to have a deeper red colour, you can always get a full ribeye and cut off the medallion. The medallion is what gives the steak its characteristic deep red colour and is used to score the steak. If, on the other hand, you want to take a more traditional approach and prepare a dish utilising the red meat in the style of a steakhouse, you should look for a steak that has a higher level of spiciness.

The final words on making blue rare steak at home

When you think of blue steak, the only images that come to mind are either game or filet mignon. Depending on where you’re coming from (i.e., your culinary upbringing), that could be considered a disappointment. But what you probably don’t know about blue steak is just how versatile it is as a side dish. In fact, nothing can go wrong with this color more than trying to make it at home!

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