Right Wedding Food Catering Services

Things To Consider Before Choosing Right Wedding Food Catering Services

A good wedding is always remembered for its food. And being the most important among all, it is also the most challenging aspect.

Food is the prime factor thus hiring a good wedding food caterer and taking the best wedding food catering services from them is itself a very big task. Weddings are expensive and so do call for a lot of budgets. Food and beverages among all the things are the most costly affair in a wedding. It almost covers half the weddings budget. Therefore being such an important affair, we should be very careful in selecting the right wedding food catering services.  

The first step is researching. Do brief research about the leading caterers in your locality, about their specialties, about the dishes they offer, etc. Make a list of the various catering companies. 

Let’s understand both the responsibilities of the caterer and the client.

 Local Ingredients

Recently it has been seen that including the local dishes in the menu has become a trend. Cliched dishes are replaced by the local flavors. Serving the traditional food made with the local ingredients and old recipes is loved by all. A good chef will always make the local dishes its specialty. Look for the caterers who bring the culture of the place to the venue. For instance, the caterer might install a taco food truck for the NYC crowd, Paanipuri and PavbhajiThela in an Indian wedding, etc. A perfect chef knows his audience’s tastes. Try to add more and more fresh fruits and vegetables to your food to ensure the highest quality with a mouth-watering taste. 

Cake of your Choice

When it comes to choosing a cake for the wedding ceremony a picture of a ‘white three-tiered cake with a showpiece of a couple holding each other on the top of the cake’ comes to mind. Isn’t it? It is the time where the caterer has to be creative and innovative to prepare some out-of-the-box ideas for wedding cakes. Instead of picking up the basic white classic cake, try to mix two or more flavors.

Why to just offer a single cake. You can prepare a colorful combination of two-tiered cakes and can offer brownies, cupcakes, muffins, ice cream, etc. A good wedding food caterer will surprise you with some different ideas to make the wedding memorable and unique. If you still are confused, then refer to the online websites. There you can find many ideas and can make a new out of them. 

Meals on Wheels

This one trend is gaining so much popularity these days since the beginning of 2018. Food truck for a wedding function instead of big tables covered with food and salad tray. Interesting. This concept of “meals on wheels” is getting popular at weddings these days. As we mentioned above, installing taco food truck, ice cream vans, cocktails and beverages bars, pasta and pizza vans, etc on the wedding venue are so in fashion right now. 

These are Mostly considered for outdoor weddings. They are easy to travel and quick to fix. They do not even occupy much space, making it a cool munching spot. Ask your caterer to serve the food on these trucks. It will add grace and unique touch to your wedding. There are plenty of wedding food catering services that offer these kinds of exclusive themes.


Dessert is the final dish which people grab and being the final, its taste matters the most. So, this part of the meal should always be the most to be attended. There should be a wide variety of desserts catering to all the flavors ranging from hot and desserts, indo western fusions, coastal desserts, cold desserts, etc. 

Kulfis, high-quality sweets, gourmet ice cream, chocolates, cookies, etc. are a good choice to include in Indian cuisine. Keep at least 5-6 options of desserts that will help in pleasing everyone in the crowd

Venue Decides the menu

The choice of your wedding caterer depends on the choice of the venue. A good caterer will always modify its menu according to the venue. H will give a brief study in understanding the taste culture of the people and the traditional ingredients of the locality. 

Serving Style

Serving style often differs from place to place. In traditional Indian weddings, we have table-seated meals with servers who serve the food while in most modern Italian and state weddings you tend to see buffet meals. Prices vary depending on the kind of service you choose. Nowadays food trucks like taco food trucks, ice cream bars, and cocktail trucks are new styles in which caterers add to the wedding theme. Therefore choosing the right caterer is just as he would have all the information and would provide his set-up without any extra inputs or suggestions from your side. Though if you prefer the traditional serving style where guests are seated at tables covered in linens and overlays, you may still do so. Stores like CV Linens have a wide array of table covers wholesale that are sure to fit whatever theme you have in mind.

Menu Items

Wedding menus differ largely based on regional and cultural preferences. Always check the menu carefully before you finalize him. You can also choose your cuisine according to your preferences and guide the caterers for the same. Always taste a few dishes to get some brief on the taste of the food. 

Choosing the right caterer is a huge and tedious task but the most important aspect too. But once that area is successful, half of the wedding is successful. Therefore make your special day unforgettable for people attending the wedding. Try to blend the global cuisine and traditional cuisine of the venue for the main course. For your last meal, include a wide variety of mouth-watering gourmet desserts. Online wedding invitations are a great way to save time, money and energy. You can design your own invitation by uploading your own pictures and choosing from a variety of templates.

It is also essential that you work closely with your wedding caterers to give your guests a true ‘culinary experience’ they deserve. It is a good idea to shortlist several wedding catering companies before finalizing one. To ensure that the best food is served during various ceremonies, rituals and the Indian wedding reception, word-of-mouth referrals, and testimonials would also go a long way.

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