Stand Out with the Latest Silver Jewellery

Stand Out with the Latest Silver Jewellery

You may have heard people say- ‘silver is the new gold.’ Do you think this statement is true? Well, with all the popularity silver jewellery is gaining today, it might become the most loved precious metal today!

Offering a unique fashion appeal, and an ethereal look, you can find a unique collection of silver jewellery at stores like Mia by Tanishq. Yes, we know that silver jewellery has been around for a long time, which is why Mia by Tanishq is sure to bring you the most unique designs of earrings, rings, necklaces, and more.

Here are some of their silver jewellery pieces to get you inspired!

Silver Studs To Make You Shine

An ode to the most-loved floral motif, these pieces of silver jewellery are everyone’s favourite. These stud earrings are forged with glistening silver and have details of pink and purple stones to give them a quirky look.

These stud earrings have a never-seen-before design and can be worn in a number of ways. If you are a college-going student, then you must get these to add to your silver jewellery collection. Simply, put on a cotton kurti, some light-wash jeans, kolhapuris, and finish the look with these colourful studs!

Classic Choas You’ll Love

As the name to suggests this silver jewellery piece perfectly encapsulates the order within the chaos and is perfect to bring a flair of grace to any outfit that you put on. The way that this ring stands out from the crowd is with an asymmetrical silver disc and textured strokes in random order.

The chilled-out yet graceful look would be perfect to pair with any casual outfit, for when you are heading out to brunch with your girlfriends, or for a fun date night with your beau, this ring would become your go-to in no time!

How to Style Silver Jewellery?

Now that you have taken a look at what designs Mia by Tanishq has to offer, let’s understand how you can style these silver jewellery pieces to stand out of the crowd. One of the easiest ways to style chunky silver jewellery is with a basic outfit like flared denim jeans, and a black top.

Pairing silver jewellery like statement necklaces or rings can be a great choice with this outfit as this would create a balance and give you a unique indo-western look. If you prefer minimal style dainty silver jewellery then you can opt for those styles as well.

Simple jewellery like delicate rings, thin chain with pendants, and stud earrings in silver jewellery can also be a great choice to make a statement in your everyday life. You can wear these silver jewellery pieces to your workplace and make sure that everyone is mesmerised by your elegant office attire.

How to Find the Best Silver Jewellery Online?

We all know that there are many jewellers in our country, and many of them are trusted by generations of people. With such a vast array of choices, trying to find the best silver jewellery can be a task. Even though credible jewellers would give you good-quality silver jewellery, they might not have the designs that you like.

So, you must find a jeweller that is trustworthy and also understands your styling needs. One of the best places to shop for silver jewellery with the latest designs is Mia by Tanishq. On their website, you can find the most opulent collection of silver jewellery including rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose pings, and more!

So, stop thinking, and start shopping from Mia by Tanishq today!

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