Latest collection of printed floral with bold and attractive design Ajrak blouse designs

Latest collection of printed floral with bold and attractive design Ajrak blouse designs

Wedding season is the best time to flaunt your beautiful look wearing traditional outfits. Saree blouses are considered as the best traditional wear in India, more than 80 % of Indian Sahifawomen wear sarees. Sarees are super comfortable and attractive, wearing floral and printed blouses will attract everyone towards you and everyone will talk about you only in every function you will go to. If you are looking for any gift to give to your sister or friend to wear on their special day, the floral, Paisley printed design with beautiful patterns and fancy cuts are the best option. Ajrakh blouses are specially for weddings and for occasion some of the blouses you can wear on a daily basis but maximum are of function type because of heavy print and cuts on the blouse. Maximum blouses are made up of pure cotton material which is super comfortable and you will look gorgeous in every blouse you wear. The beauty of the women’s enhanced when they wear traditional clothes especially sarees, sarees is considered as the purest outfit of women in India.¬† We all know that every function is incomplete without any beautiful outfit, outfit gives us a beautiful feeling and vibes of functions. On Diwali, we wear yellow shiny clothes and on holi we wear simple white clothes, every function and occasion has its own type of clothes and people wear them according to that.

Gorgeous floral printed ajrakh blouse design

Yellow is the color that shines from a distance. It is highlighted from all the other colors. Yellow gives a vibe of festivals and happiness. This beautiful floral printed ajrakh blouse design would be the best option for your haldi outfit. Round neck and round back with mounting type cut on the hands. Pair this with a lehenga or saree.

Attractive brown floral printed ajrakh blouse design

Floral printed ajrakh blouse designs are gorgeous. The Lace effect on the back of the blouse is eye-catching and gives you a bold look. Best for parties and daily wear also, very basic design and super comfortable. Will go with any of your simple cotton saree.

Puffy sleeves floral printed red ajrakh blouse design

Cute as well as gorgeous floral printed ajrakh blouse design perfect for floral design sarees, puffy sleeves are the cutest ones that give you a beautiful look. The cute little knot design is super gorgeous. Pair with any of your Cotton floral printed designs. This would be good for special occasions.

Light yellow multi-color rangoli printed ajrakh blouse design

Multiple colors, super comfortable, and gorgeous blouse design. This multicolored blouse will go with Haldi and mehndi function both because of yellow and green color. Yellow is for Haldi and green is for mehndi, choose according to your choice. Round neck, half sleeves and mountain type cut on the hands. Pair this with gold plated earrings and bangles.

Attractive multicolor super gorgeous and comfortable ajrakh blouse design

Beautiful multiple colour unique patterns on the blouse. This blouse will go with any sarees of colours including yellow, brown, green, red, black, green and many other colors. Perfect for any occasion, pair with light jewelry and light makeup.

Multiple color beautiful floral printed ajrakh blouse design

Deep back cut and round front cut gorgeous floral printed with multiple patterns ajrakh blouse design. This blouse will give you a bold look and everyone will give you many compliments. Perfect for cocktail parties and special events.


Wedding design for girls. Beautiful patterns and unique cuts on the blouse are for every girl. All the blouses should be in your wardrobe.  Heavy printed ajrakh blouse designs will enhance your beauty and personality. No need for heavy accessories,you just need normal jewelry and normal bangles with a little bit of makeup and the rest of the work will be this blouse and your sarees. Perfect for especially occasions, functions, parties and for wedding guests.

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