Serve You As a Business Associate: Hashimoto Precision

Precision automotive metal stamping is a specialty of Hashimoto Precision, a firm serving the consumer electronics sector.

A Brief Overview of Hashimoto Precision’s Past

In December 2002, Hashimoto Precision opened a facility in China. Hashimoto Precision, a Japanese firm with headquarters in Japan, expanded into Vietnam in 2012 by purchasing property in Hanoi and constructing a second facility there.

Most of the consumer electronics metal stamping components manufactured by Hashimoto Precision are made-to-order; that is, they are developed, manufactured, stamped, and further processed based on specific instructions from the client.

Hashimoto’s Precision Philosophy

We at Hashimoto Precision know that the success of our business depends on the quality of our relationships with other businesses. We value our customers’ feedback and input and continually use it to improve our offerings. We owe much of our success to this outlook, which has enabled us to forge enduring bonds with our clientele.

Ability to Manufacture

Hashimoto Precision is pleased to provide our valued customers with an extensive selection of manufacturing services. Engineers and technicians on our staff are among the most qualified and experienced in the industry, and they are committed to giving you the very best service possible. Furthermore, we are always improving and modernizing our infrastructure to accommodate our customers’ evolving requirements.

Common Uses for Our Products

Hashimoto Precision is an industry-leading producer of precision parts and assemblies. Our products may be found in various applications, from pharmaceuticals to semiconductor manufacturing tools.

Our wares are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing tools. However, a number of the moving elements of this apparatus, such as nozzles and valves, are manufactured by us to exacting standards. Therefore, the utmost quality and precision in semiconductor device manufacturing are only feasible with the help of our products.

Consider Us Your Collaborator

Hashimoto Precision is happy to serve as a one-stop shop for machining requirements. We’re here to assist you with any large or small project. If you have any problems, our skilled engineers and machine operators staff is here to help.

Finding the correct partner is crucial, which is why we provide a free consultation to learn more about your requirements. No matter how intricate your project is, we are here to help you discover the optimal way to complete it.

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