Get Your E-Bike At the Best Price

Black Friday is one of many people’s busiest days of the year. It’s a day when you can save money on shoes, games, and clothes you like. But this year, shoppers looking for something different can get great deals on e-bikes from SAMEBIKE. So let’s look at the Black Friday sales at SAMEBIKE.

There are five great deals on SAMEBIKE e-bikes

  1. 6% off the whole site
  2. E-bikes that fold up get an extra $60 off
  3. An extra $60 off electric mountain bikes
  4. Fat-tired e-bikes are $60 less than usual
  5. Buy two and save 10%

How to Choose the Best Electric City Bike: Four Questions

  1. How often do you ride, and how far?
  2. Where do you ride?
  3. Which size do you like best?
  4. What does the bike have, and what does it come with?


SAMEBIKE’s goal is to offer high-quality e-bikes at reasonable prices to people all over the world. After a long time of research and exploration, SAMEBIKE MIX10 came to be based on this idea. All your doubts can be put to rest with this electric city bike’s great features and parts. Join our electric bike crowdfunding if you want to explore your different life with a cool electric bike like the SAMEBIKE MIX10.

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