Role of Media in Education

Role of Media in Education

Media may also refer to communications. Communication tools are used to keep and deliver facts, information, or data. Media performs an effective and crucial role in running the show of any formal or informal teaching-learning process. 

Communicating is sharing facts or providing entertainment through speaking, writing, or other methods. 

Mass media is an essential form of communication to send messages to a massive group audience. There are generally two types of Media:

*Print Media-Newspapers, Magazines, Books, and other published materials or pamphlets 

*Electronic Media-Radio, Television, Internet, Cinema, short films, etc.

Role of Media on Education 

Role of print media on education 

Media is everywhere and has become a part of our everyday life. The media play a dominant role in the learning technique. Media can shape personalities and change how we perceive and recognize the world and our immediate reality. The role of Print Media in the method of education is of particular importance.

 Print Media like Newspapers, journals, and Magazines are considered the primary and oldest channels of verbal exchange between one source and another. Print Media are being published in every regional language to facilitate the readers to get information and knowledge in one’s own mother tongue. Books are one of the oldest strategies of mass communication.

Role of electronic MediaMedia on education

Radio is also playing a crucial role in education. Many personalities, scholars, and professionals come on the radio as chief guests. Through live calls, we take a lot of information, data, and records and have learned about various things in this way. A variety of broadcasting organizations have moved forward to introduce community radio in schools and colleges. With the creation of this technology, quite a few civil society organizations have come forward to broadcast their educational radio programming. Moreover, this sort of radio will assist students in revising their classroom teaching, which they may forget over time. Online learning has assumed the role of an essential medium for providing distance education.

 Online distance education’s most crucial advantage is earning a degree from one’s home or workplace. We can get information and data through charts, maps, graphs, moving images, slides, video clippings, and even audio recordings through the Internet. It enables one to understand the complete syllabus without the help of a teacher. The students can interact with their friends through online class projects-mails and, with the help of online conferencing and chat, makes studying less complicated and entertaining. 

The availability of online libraries with their extensive collection of books has also made studying more accessible and worthwhile. If you ever wish to set up a career in online media, you can also sell online courses using  best platform to sell courses online on related issues and help candidates learn flexibly. 

The significant role of media in education 

  1. Media allows promoting the right things at the right time. It offers publicity to the mass audience about what’s right or wrong. Media helps create interest in college students to gain knowledge and turn their attention to academic topics.
  2. Media provides an essential basis for extra studying and makes it perpetual. Media provide an authentic experience to students and motivate them to perform other, more significant activities.
  3. Usually, media usage could be very beneficial to training social studies. We can use images from an encyclopedia or else, a globe, a map, and the Internet to educate social studies. The students had to find all vital information, including the map, flag, landmarks, well-known buildings, mountains, traditions, etc. 
  4. Media in teaching-learning procedures also has numerous advantages. Media increases the students’ interest in the lesson, and media is essential to guide students’ attention. In brief, we can say that media usage in teaching-learning activities is good.
  5. Media in the classroom interacts with students in learning and offers a richer experience. Interactive media, which includes Smart Boards, allow students to move objects on a screen for illustrative purposes. With positive media influence and good reviews from the candidates, many platforms are planning to launch course using platform to sell courses online in different sections and help candidates upskill themselves from the comfort of their rooms. 

The Bottom Line 

We can rightly conclude that the impact of media is significant on every individual’s life. With the ongoing improvement of information and technology in society, Media has given specific attention to the need for education and cultural diversity and promoted media awareness among individuals. Media plays a vital role in creating awareness, gaining knowledge, and making people educated.

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