Soundcore Sport X10 Review - Best Workout Earbuds

Soundcore Sport X10 Review – Best Workout Earbuds

Cable headphones are undesirable to use, especially when you are exercising, running or swimming. Now we have wireless earbuds that make the best use even when you are jogging. They need to be recharged and then you can easily use them wherever you go. 

When you need to buy workout earbuds then you must look for some qualities like they don’t fall, they fit and have good quality hearing attributes. Sport x10 from Soundcore is an amazing product for working out. 

The given article reviews Soundcore Sport X10 workout earbuds and describes whether they are worthy to buy or not. 

An Overview

Sport x10 is a new workout earbuds release from Soundcore that contains amazing features and a fitting structure. It is available in two colours black and white. You will have an incredible sound quality even if you are running on a track. It can a good choice for workouts or games. 




If you have charged it fully then it will keep going on for 8 hours. The charging case that comes with it also allows you to charge it 3 more times fully. 

Design And Structure

It has an amazing smart design composed of a rotatable ear hook. It can be rotated up to 210°, it allows you to find the best spot that is comfortable for you. Because of its design, it fits its place firmly and you can enjoy a comfortable and secure workout. Earbuds have a button on them that offers you control even if you are in the mid of your workout. 

Key Features

  • Sweat Protection

These earbuds are fully waterproof; they are composed of ipx7-rated waterproof material to stop any type of liquid from entering them. For extra sweat protection, they have sweat guard technology that works impressively against the corrosive nature of sweat. 

  • Base Pumping

It can provide you with a maximum level of motivation with hardcore beats. Because of the dynamic acoustic system, it can attain a 2X base without affecting the clarity. For an extra boost, its bass-up technology assesses and enhances the base of your music in real-time. 

  • Customize Control

For effective control over your earbuds, Soundcore offers you its app. You can choose a built-in breathing exercise option for focusing on your breathing before a workout or you can tell us the sound profile. Besides this, you have a lot of customisable settings options. 

  • Bluetooth Connection

It offers you an ultra-stable connection for workouts. It has Bluetooth 5.2 that maintains a consistent connection with your mobile phone while you are working out. 

  • Noise Reduction

With Sport X10 you can listen to calls with good clarity while you are working out. It has 6 microphones and amazing noise cancellation technology to assure that it will pick up your voice only and can avoid all the environmental noise. 

  • Portability

It comes with a go charging case, the case is easy to open by a button. It is small and lightweight and can fit easily in your pocket or gym bag. 

 Ending Remarks

SportX10 is an efficient workout earbud. It comes with alot of advanced features also with efficiency to cope with the workout environment. It has a secure and adjustable design that is sweatproof. You can rely on this product for your travelling, sports or Workout.

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