Soundcore BeatLight B32 - Worthy LED Light Strip or Not?

Soundcore BeatLight B32 – Worthy LED Light Strip or Not?

Whenever you need to add light to those places which seem impossible then LED light strips are the products that allow you to do it impressively. As compared to LED lights, light strips are flexible and can be banned up to 90 degrees according to the place you want to fix them. 

Advanced technology has let you sync your light with music to get a delightful view for your eyes and mesmerizing content for your ears. Soundcore BeatLight b32 is one of the led light strips that offer you all the advanced features that you need to get an epic impression for a party or personal use. 

RGB lights are unique and trendy. The given article is reviewing Soundcore BeatLight B32 so you can find out if it is worth buying or not. 

Soundcore BeatLight B32- An Overview

It is an amazing smart RGB+ led light strip that can be a great addition to your room, hall or other party areas. It offers you to see your music and feel it through lights because of its synchronisation ability of sounds with the lights. 

If you want to buy strip lights for Christmas then it can surely make feel more absorbing for you and your family. It lets you arrange a customized birthday party for your loved ones. You can easily control it with the provided controller. Additionally, it can be controlled with the Soundcore app from your mobile phone. 

Price: It costs only $ 52.99. 

Key Features

Following are some of the key features of BeatLight B32 that make it an amazing product: 

  • Distant Popping Colours 

Here you have  RGB+ led light strips that offer you a variety of colours that will pop up the intensity of your room. Unlike other 3 colours led light strips you can enjoy multi-colour dancing with BeatLight B32. 

  • Smart Music Synchronization

This is an amazing feature that can take your simple party to a high level of enjoyment. You can easily synchronize your favourite sounds or music with the light strips and they will change with the melody. 

  • Waterproof

The light strips have silicon coating which makes them waterproof. So you can fix them anywhere without worrying about being wet. But do remember that the adaptor and the controller are not waterproof. 

  • Microphone Sound Recognition

Its music synchronization feature is excellent in its working. While you have attached your microphone you will enjoy the music without any noise. 

  • Schedule Light Settings

With the controller, you have a variety of options that let you customize the light strips for better working. Such as if you want you can schedule the light settings for you or your kids for sleeping or awakening purposes. 

Ending Remarks

Light strips are amazing products that let you not only decorate your places but also enjoy and feel the music deeply because of smart music synchronization. Soundcore BeatLight B32 is an amazing Led light strip that lets you enjoy a variety of colours and music synchronization along with many customized options. 

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