Revealing Tips for Playing Over/Under and Winning Over/Under from Experts

Revealing Tips for Playing Over/Under and Winning Over/Under from Experts

New88 today In the Sic Bo game, every move you make is important and can determine the final result. That’s why Tips for playing Sic Bo from the masters that always attract the attention of professionals. Simply knowing the basic rules is not enough, it is important to possess tactics. Let’s discover top tips from the experts in this article.

Share the rules of the Over/Under game with fellow bettors

Want to win in over/under games, in addition to holding the numbers Tips for playing Sic Bo, you need to clearly understand the rules and how to win. Basically, the rules of online Sic Bo are not much different from the traditional version. When participating in the game, you will find yourself sitting in front of a table with a Dealer distributing cards and a betting table. Betting levels are regulated and managed by the system.

On the chess board, you will see 3 dice placed in a small box or specialized shock bowl. Each dice has 6 sides, each side contains from 1 to 6 dots, creating a total of 18 points that can appear in each spin. The choice of bet depends on your prediction about the total score of the three dice. The betting options correspond to different winning rates and you can choose one or more betting options according to your assessment.

The rules of online Sic Bo, bettors should clearly understand

Reasons why bettors should equip themselves with tips for playing Over/Under

Many bettors often wonder why they should equip themselves with tips on playing over/under before participating in a match. In fact, card games often have simple rules, making them easy for bettors to access. However, just understanding the terms and rules of the game is not enough to win. In each match, bettors who have a lot of experience and know how to apply playing tips will easily win.

This creates a need to learn tips from the experts. These tips help players develop their own tactics suitable for each situation. In addition, this also helps players avoid being predicted by their opponents, increasing their chances of winning and avoiding the risk of losing bets.


Bettors should be equipped with tips on playing over/under to increase their winnings

MIf you play over/under, you will win every time you bet on the opponent

Let’s explore these Tips for playing Sic Bo Helps you win every match easily and effectively:

Tips for playing Sic Bo using the prediction method

Prediction is an important skill in the Sic Bo game, helping you predict the results accurately. This is considered one of the most important and modern methods in the betting world. By mastering it, you can confidently win every match. Below are some prediction methods that bettors often apply:

  • Inclined bridge: Inclined bridge is considered one of the most recognizable bridge patterns and also one of the opportunities to get big profits. To apply this method, bettors need to accumulate experience and know how to bet correctly.
  • Breaking the bridge: Breaking the over/under bridge is a technique that requires sophistication and strategy. Instead of relying on predicting results in advance, players focus on evaluating demand patterns and choosing the right time to change their betting strategy.
  • Inverted demand: Inverted demand occurs when the trend of results completely reverses compared to previous results. This is a good opportunity to increase bets and achieve high profits.
  • A blind spot occurs when the results of at least 5 consecutive games are all the same result. It is important to note that when betting is strong on the 3rd, 4th, and 8th, 9th games (flat 10), there is a high probability that it is a flat in play.

 Prediction is an important skill in the game Sic Bo

Tips for playing Sic Bo with3 unbeaten bridges

In the world of betting games, understanding the rhythms can be the key to impressive wins. Below are three undefeated bridges that many bettors are interested in and apply:

  • 1-2-1 rhythm: This rhythm is easy to understand and apply. When encountering 1 Over – 2 Under,…, you should boldly play OVER on the 3rd beat. On the contrary, when encountering 1 Under – 2 Over – …, bet UND on the next beat.
  • 3-2-1 rhythm: This rhythm has a simple structure: 3 Over – 2 Under – 1 Over or 3 Under – 2 Over – 1 Under. When you see 3 OVER results, followed by 1 UNDER, you can play the next 2 games, UND and OVER.
  • 1-2-3 rhythm: This is an easy rhythm to catch and apply. When encountering a rhythm of 1 Over – 2 Under – 3 Over or 1 Under – 2 Over – 3 Under, the results of the next 3 games will be taken from the first game.

Bridges can be the key to bringing you impressive victories

Capital management plan

According to Tips for playing Sic Bo From experts, newcomers should start with the smallest bet amount. Setting a limit on the capital amount, when this limit is reached, the player needs to stop immediately to preserve the remaining capital. This capital management method not only avoids losing all invested money but also helps players learn from the experiences shared by experts.
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Through this article, the bettors have received these tips Tips for playing Sic Bo Invincible victories from experienced players. These are not only good tactics but also secrets that have been implemented and tested in practice. Bookmaker NEW88 hopes that you will apply these tips to your next match and achieve the best results.

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