ALFA’s GINO Collection: Premium L-Shaped Reception Desk with Counter

The GINO Collection from ALFA is an exquisite line of L-shaped reception desks with counters. Available in various sizes and finishes, ALFA’s GINO Collection offers a sophisticated and functional solution for reception areas. With 1-2mm PVC edge banding on all desktops and panels, as well as a high-quality thermofused laminate that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, the office furniture manufacturer ALFA’s GINO Collection ensures durability and elegance. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, ALFA’s L shaped reception desk with counter is the perfect choice for creating an impressive reception space.

Customizable Sizes and Finishes for Versatile Design

As an office furniture manufacturer, ALFA’s GINO Collection provides versatility in design, with several different sizes and finishes available to suit various office aesthetics. Whether you require a compact reception desk for a smaller space or a larger desk for a bustling reception area, ALFA has you covered. The ability to choose from different finishes allows you to match the desk seamlessly with your office decor, creating a cohesive and professional look.

Durability and Easy Maintenance for Long-Lasting Performance

ALFA’s GINO Collection is designed with durability in mind. The 1-2mm PVC edge banding on all desktops and panels enhances the desk’s resistance to impact and wear, ensuring it withstands the demands of a busy reception area. The high-quality thermofused laminate used in the construction of the desk is not only scratch-resistant but also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.


ALFA’s L shaped reception desk with counter combines elegance, functionality, and durability to create a welcoming and professional reception space. With customizable sizes and finishes, you can design a desk that perfectly complements your office decor. The 1-2mm PVC edge banding and scratch-resistant thermofused laminate guarantee long-lasting performance, while the ease of maintenance ensures hassle-free upkeep.

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