Optimal Protection for Sensitive Components: Hermetix’s Glass to Metal Sealed Headers

When it comes to ensuring superior protection for sensitive components, Hermetix’s glass to metal sealed headers are the ideal solution. With their advanced technology and rigorous testing, these headers provide optimal protection and reliability. Each TO-60 header from Hermetix undergoes a battery of tests to guarantee its performance, including insulation resistance, bending, tensile strength, aging, and hermeticity. Additionally, the Au finishing thickness of the TO-60 header can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Superior Protection with Glass to Metal Sealed Technology

Hermetix’s TO headers feature glass to metal sealed technology, providing unmatched protection for sensitive components. The glass to metal seal creates a hermetic barrier that prevents moisture, dust, and other contaminants from entering the package. This ensures the integrity and longevity of the enclosed components, even in harsh and demanding environments.

With the glass to metal sealed technology employed in Hermetix’s headers, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive components are safeguarded against potential damage and performance degradation caused by external factors.

Rigorous Testing for Guaranteed Performance

To ensure the highest level of quality and reliability, each TO-60 header from Hermetix undergoes a series of rigorous tests. These tests include insulation resistance, bending, tensile strength, aging, and hermeticity evaluations. By subjecting the headers to these tests, Hermetix ensures that they meet the strictest industry standards and can withstand the demands of various applications.

The comprehensive testing process employed by Hermetix guarantees that the TO-60 headers deliver consistent performance and reliability, giving businesses the confidence they need in their electronic components’ protection.

Tailored Au Finishing Thickness for Specific Requirements

Hermetix understands that different applications may require specific finishing thicknesses for optimal performance. The Au finishing thickness of the TO-60 headers can be tailored to meet these specific requirements. This customization option allows businesses to fine-tune the headers to achieve the desired electrical and mechanical characteristics necessary for their applications.

The ability to tailor the Au finishing thickness showcases Hermetix’s commitment to providing highly customizable solutions that meet the unique needs of their customers.


Hermetix’s glass to metal sealed headers offer superior protection for sensitive components. With their advanced technology, rigorous testing, and customization options, businesses can trust in the reliability and performance of these headers. The glass to metal sealed technology ensures optimal protection against environmental factors, while the extensive testing guarantees consistent quality. Choose Hermetix as your trusted partner for glass to metal sealed headers and experience the highest level of protection and reliability for your sensitive components.

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