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Online PDF Editor Evaluation – just need it

Online PDF Editor Free Good? Online PDF Editor is a permanent free multi-function online PDF tool that can efficiently and safely process PDF files, edit the format online, and you can take advantage of the functions on the aggregation page to further format it Conversion, supports conversion between Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML and other formats, the following mainly for you to evaluate Online PDF Editor .

User Notice

This is an online web page aggregation product. All the tools on are 100% free to use. After clicking the first tool Online PDF Editor on this page , use the Word online editor to open PDF files and edit/ Modify, you can also convert text to Word (DOCX) and Excel (XLSX), as well as merge, split, sign and add watermarks.

History of PDFs and Fonts

If you want to discuss PDF and fonts, you cannot do without PostScript, the predecessor of PDF, and a complete set of technical routes from Adobe. Adobe was founded in 1982. In order to make the first pot of gold, they developed the PostScript language in 1984. With the support of Jobs, the first printer with a built-in PostScript language interpreter, the Apple LaserWriter, came out in the spring of 1985. Since then, the PostScript language and its accompanying Type1 fonts have revolutionized the digital publishing industry. Today, LaTeX is a common usage scenario for Type1 fonts. There are about 300 font packages in this format, including 7000 font files.

Online PDF Editor Evaluation

Easy to operate

The first step, open the Abcd PDF online platform, click ” Online PDF Editor”, the page starts to jump.

The second step is to select “Select File” on the “Online PDF Editor” page, and select the local PDF document.

The third step, waiting for the end of loading, will directly enter the online Wrod editing page .

selecting the file to be edited , you can edit, delete , add pictures , add shapes, add hand-drawn, annotations , etc. according to your needs . We will introduce the editing functions in detail later.


The toolbar is located at the top of the page, divided into “Text”, “Eraser”, “Redact”, “Highlight”, “Image”, “Draw”, “Sign”, users use these functions to realize comments or add text, pictures, symbols , as well as eliminating text, the user can achieve various functions by selecting tools.

Online Word editing function introduction:


function name effect
Edit A blue dashed box will appear. When encountering an editable paragraph, it will turn into a “finger” icon. At this time, click the left button to add text, delete, change format, change color, bold, and underline the paragraph.
Add Image After clicking, select the local image and drag it to the desired position with the mouse.
Highlight Area Drag the quad to make the coverage change color.
Highlight Text The cursor can only select text and highlight text or paragraphs.
Eraser Drag the quad to leave the overlay area blank.
Redat Drag the selection to turn the area into a black layer.
Draw After selecting this plugin, you can draw lines in the PDF content selection area.
Text Box Drag the selection to resize the text box, then edit the text.
Replace For text replacement, input the characters before replacement in the front box, and input the characters displayed after replacement in the rear box.
Shapes Use circles and ovals to mark content.
Signature Sign, enter text on the left, the effect will be displayed on the right, and you can choose a color.

Safe and secure

In order to ensure user privacy and personal computer security, the AbcdPDF platform has formulated a rigorous security policy, which is truly leak-proof.

Certified Data Center

Abcd PDF only works with secure and highly trusted cloud service providers and data centers that are ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) certified.

Data isolation

Abcd PDF keeps user data isolated, which means each conversion is performed in a separate environment. So only you can access your file, no other third party including Abcd PDF team can access it.

secure communication

Your data is protected from theft, alteration or transfer. All communication between your web browser, the platform ‘s servers and the conversion host takes place over a secure channel protected by state-of-the-art TLS encryption and HSTS web security policy enabled.

Overall review

The first product created by the Abcd PDF platform is Editor PDF Online, which follows the brand’s philosophy of pursuing high quality and efficient office work. Although it has just been launched, it has already won unanimous praise from the user community. Its powerful functions and convenient operation methods have left a deep impression on users, and the platform promises that all editors and tools on the website will be permanently free. To process PDF files, you only need it.

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