Online Casino Target Group 2023

Online Casino Target Group 2023

Online casino gaming is a dynamic and fast-growing industry, becoming a billion-dollar market for numerous operators worldwide. Thanks to continuous tech innovations, online gambling is now among the most widespread pastime activities, and its unique feature of combining entertainment with the improvement of players’ financial status only makes it more and more popular worldwide.

The popularity of Internet gambling platforms such as Vulcan Casino is growing steadily as more people discover the enthusiasm for exploring different casino games on the World Wide Web. However, it’s crucial to note that casinos appeal to different people, and the key to success for any iGaming operator is knowing who the customers are. Let’s explore the most common target audiences for Internet-powered gambling platforms in today’s highly competitive iGaming market.

Gen Z and Millennials

Gen Z (above 18 years) and Millennials are tech-savvy and always comfortable using digital platforms thanks to constant access to their smartphones, laptops, and computers. They are a popular target for iGaming platforms, having grown up in the age of technology evolution. These two generations are more likely to participate in gambling over the Internet  because:

  • They know what happens in the tech world. These two generations will, therefore, not struggle with creating a virtual account or depositing cash;
  • Most of them play social casino games for fun as they are already on social networking sites like Facebook. Casinos extensively use these platforms to market their services and present betting as an alluring type of entertainment;
  • Millennials and over-18 Gen Zs understand that online gambling games might involve luck and can be lucrative for the luckiest players. And since they can access the Internet easily, why not?

Mobile Users

Many people all over the world have access to the Internet via tablets or smartphones. Online casinos are, therefore, considering people with smartphones as part of their target audience in 2023. As such, casino operators have come to embrace developing applications and mobile-optimized platforms to attract many mobile users.

Mobile gaming is also convenient to many as it allows gamblers to game on the go. It’s perfect for players who only have a few minutes to spare and don’t want to get bored during their commute or while taking quick work breaks.

Additionally, when developing mobile games, casinos should strive to appeal to gamers who love convenience, those who do not want to travel for miles to enjoy their favorite pastime and prefer a silent, uncrowded place instead. Just them, the game and their phone – what a romance!

Generation X and Baby Boomers

The target audience for iGaming also includes Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) and even Baby Boomers who are currently in their 60s and early 70s. Gen X populations grew up when Internet technology was just penetrating different markets worldwide, meaning they are familiar with the notion of gaming on the World Wide Web.

Baby boomers, on the other hand, are an age group that is probably retired and has resources, meaning they may have the time and money to enjoy gambling. And while they may not be very tech-savvy, they are still informed enough to figure out how iGaming works. As such, Internet-operated gaming sites often offer many games that older folks would enjoy, including casino classics like slots, roulette, and poker, among others.

Tech-Savvy Women

In the past years, casinos primarily targeted men. But then, with technological advancements, inclusion initiatives, and elimination of gender gaps, the iGaming industry is penetrating markets previously not considered. More women are now challenging males by engaging in different online casino titles, especially when it comes to competitive multiplayer titles such as table and card games.

High Rollers

Some gamblers have the financial muscle to maintain huge bankrolls during their Internet-powered gaming sessions, and they are usually considered the most valuable members of any iGaming platform. Thus, in a bid to ensure their repeat business, online casino gaming establishments show value to these users through the following tactics:

  • Offering them attractive rewards and special bonuses;
  • Providing them with personalized customer service access, such as dedicated account managers;
  • Creating loyalty schemes offering customized VIP perks that are more lucrative than those of regular players;
  • Arranging exclusive events and competitions set aside for high rollers;
  • Modifying deposit and withdrawal limits and providing faster cashout speeds compared to other members of the gambling platform.

For sure, having these high rollers around is excellent for business, and they’ll contribute a lot to increasing the casino’s revenue.

International Audiences

Given that the world is a global village thanks to the Internet, iGaming platforms don’t just focus on local markets or just one jurisdiction. Thus, you’ll find that the best online gambling websites, such as Vulcan Casino, accept players from more than a couple dozen countries, offering their services in different native languages and currencies.

What to Expect From the Future?

From the look of things, the target audiences for online casinos will become even more diverse in the near future as more populations welcome gambling as a part-time activity. Moreover, as the target audiences expand, we expect operators and software providers to develop new games and gambling experiences to continue attracting emerging markets.


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