How to Take CBD Oil for Sex

How to Take CBD Oil for Sex? Expert Advice

How to Take CBD Oil for Sex? Methods to Use

CBD-based products are growing popular. As people get to know more about the properties of this unique natural compound derived from hemp, new horizons open in front of them. So now, online shops like Breezen are selling CBD oil for sex drive along with other CBD-infused products to resolve multiple health issues.

Yet the knowledge of where to buy CBD oil for sex is not enough. You should also know how to take it to achieve the best results. So if you are willing to bring CBD to your life, we are ready to share some pieces of advice on its use.

How to Take CBD Oil for SexHow to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Sex?

Between a decision to start taking CBD and its purchase, there is another step to take – to choose the best quality CBD oil for sex. It’s the quality of the oil that the effectiveness of your treatment will depend on. Pick out the CBD oil that

  • has been produced from organic hemp raw
  • has a Certificate of Analysis proving it’s free from GMO, heavy metals, pesticides, and mold
  • was tested by third-party laboratories
  • has been extracted using the CO2 method.

The type of CBD oil also matters much. While full-spectrum tends to be most effective, it contains THC – the psychoactive component responsible for the feeling of high. Still, its amount is so small that you won’t feel any negative effect. If THC is unacceptable for you, opt for isolate or broad-spectrum oil types.

How to Take the Best Quality CBD Oil for Sex?

Depending on the form of CBD product you are going to use, the recommendations for its intake will vary. Our advice is you try every form of CBD available on By doing this, you will understand which one is most convenient and most effective for you. The product that gets to the top of your rating will become the one you’ll use regularly.

Taking CBD Edibles

Even the best CBD oil for sex has its specific taste. Some people don’t like it and choose edibles instead. Taking them to enhance your sex drive and perform better in bed has multiple benefits. They improve the blood flow to the genitals, strengthening erections in men and helping easier sexual arousal in women.

This type of CBD should be taken at least an hour before planned sexual intercourse. This time is usually enough for the supplement to absorb from the gastric tract and come into effect. Start with a low dose if you haven’t taken them before and increase it gradually for the best result.

Using CBD Oil for Sex Drive

The best quality CBD oil for sex is preferable if you don’t want to wait long. If you are fine with its taste, use it sublingually about half an hour before coitus. Due to the fast absorption, you’ll feel the effects within minutes. Again, be careful with the dosage, especially if you use full-spectrum CBD.

CBD Topicals for Fast Effect

The best CBD oil for sex might be the one for topical use. You can incorporate CBD massage oil into your foreplay. Aside from diversifying your caresses, CBD will act fast to enhance the blood flow to the genitals, making them more sensitive and responsive. This way, you can kill two birds with one shot: boost your sexual desire and remove any physical issues (like vaginal dryness or weak erection) that don’t let you enjoy sex to the fullest.

Summing up

The market of CBD products offers a plethora of options. Finding a perfect one might take some time, but if you buy CBD oil for sex on, you can be 100% confident you get top-rated and highly effective products. Why? Because we never compromise on the quality and offer the best only. Check it out yourself.

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