How to Extract Audio from Video (Simple Solutions)

Yes, a common dilemma is when you have a video file and you want to extract the audio part of it. Maybe it is stunning music that you want to have in MP3 file format, or even something from YouTube that you want to listen offline rather than watching online. This is the most common extraction between media files and people gradually use an online Mp4 to Mp3 converter online to convert mp4 to mp3 without spending a single penny.

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There are innumerable tools that are considered to extract audio, sound, or background music from your video file. But, the online Mp4 video to Mp3 converter only makes sense to turn video into audio Mp3 file format. Well, here we demonstrate some solutions that reveal how to extract audio from video within no time.  Add subtitle to video

Freemake Video Converter:

It is indicated as the best web-based tool that takes a couple of seconds to extract audio from your video file online. A Freemake converter packed with a stunning and straightforward interface and even supports more than 500 formats. As a bonus, you can fetch a free Mp4 to Mp3 converter online by to convert Mp4 to Mp3 audio files without affecting the original sound quality. Also, you could set Bitrate for the audio that you want to extract from video.

Well, if you want to get audio from video, simply move to the Freemake video converter site, then simply paste the link to a video file or upload it to the designated field. Under format, you could also select your preferred audio format and make a click on Convert now. Finally, you can see that your audio file will automatically download. Besides that, you can account with this website to trim videos, add subtitles, or even rip and burn DVD/Blu-ray.

Audio Extractor:

Yes, this Audio Extractor is referred to as a single-purpose source through which you can extract sound from video files of various formats. But, if you want to convert Mp4 to Mp3 audio files and even want to change the Audio channel, then seek for best Mp4 to Mp3 converter online.

Well, the entire process of extracting audio from video is really straightforward with this Audio Extractor.

Ahead to its official site and make an instant tap on the blue Open Video button icon to choose your file right now. Once the video file is loaded there, all you need to choose is the output audio format, and make a click on the Extract audio. Right after that, this tool takes you to the download interface with your audio file.

Offline Tools to Extract Audio From Video:

Whenever you decided to extract audio from video offline, then stop your search now as these applications works best for you. Look at the below-mentioned tools to proceed further right now.

Well, you could use Mp4 to Mp3 converter online in order to convert Mp4 to Mp3 audio file by setting the Variable Bitrate (VBR) for audio file.

AoA Audio Extractor:

This Extractor is the most recommended tool that lets you pull audio from AVI, FLV, DAT, WMV, MP4, 3GP, or MPEG/MPG and save it into different audio files like Mp3, Wav, or AC3.

If you aim to extract audio from a given video file, then simply open the app and make a click on the Add Files option. You can select one or more videos that you want to pull audio from. Under the given output options, you could choose your preferred audio format. All you need to do is simply define the output path for your audio file then hit the Start button. Once done, you could find your audio file in the selected location.

Also, you can simply select to download the free version of this Audio Extractor or the Platinum for $29.95. Bear in mind that the Platinum plan is packed with remarkable features through which you can attain better outcomes for your media files. And, if your concern involves free Mp4 to Mp3 conversion files then, simply accounting with Mp4 to Mp3 converter makes sense to convert MP4 to mp3.


Audacity is the most preferable app that assists you in separating audio from video. The good thing is that it is 100% free and indicated as an open-source audio editor that is available on every PC platform.

In the Audacity program, you could easily extract audio from video files by using the LAME and FFmpeg library plug-ins. All you need to do is simply open your video and just follow the path File > Export > Export Audio. And, then choose the desired audio format and file location and make a click on Save button.

Apart from that, you could account for this app to complete other tasks including removing background noise, improving voice sound quality, and also works best for music production.

However, the best and instant way to convert mp4 to mp3 is to simply make use of an online Mp4 to Mp3 converter. Also, you could account for any one of the above-mentioned ways according to your music extraction preferences. Good Luck!

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