How to Edit PDF Document Totally Free with UPDF Editor

Documents in PDF format are very convenient for their compactness. They can include both text and vector graphics and do not require a variety of expensive software to view them. Almost every computer has a program for viewing PDF files. But among all this convenience, one big deficiency is hidden, the inability to edit PDF without the presence of specialized programs. Nevertheless, on the Internet you can find many programs that can edit a PDF file, most of them are very expensive.

However, UPDF is now a completely free and attractive PDF editor. This program will be able to change text, pictures, add or delete a sheet in your PDF file, while editing PDF does not require high computer performance.

Opening and Viewing Files

After opening the file in UPDF, the document is immediately ready for editing. Then the PDF file editor will select the editing object with one mouse click, and it will proceed to editing, opening the necessary menu or application.

To start working with a file, you need to drag it to the area designated for this or simply open it through the explorer. After opening the file will be ready for editing. To edit the text in a PDF file, you need to click on the word to be changed. In this case, a block may be selected, consisting of the word we need, the phrase, or the entire line as a whole. After selection, you can perform various transformations and movements with this block. In the same way, you can move and transform images in a PDF file.

Edit the PDF for Free

Incorporating data into PDFs (pictures, text, markups, etc.) is supper easy with UPDF for Mac and Windows. You can also edit content that already exists in the document, for example moving, modifying, and deleting images or text. Font parameters can be controlled. Any text can be linked to a web page or a different area of the document.

UPDF editor allows you to open, browse, and read PDF documents. It also allows you to add and manage bookmarks for better navigation. In UPDF editor, many files can be accessed at the same time. UPDF also has text markups and commenting capabilities, which are both quite useful.

Organize PDF Pages

You can delete or add sheets, as well as import sheets from other PDF documents, using the UPDF editor. The menu contains all of these sheet modification options. You can also change the order of pages by simply dragging and dropping the mouse. You may quickly adjust the page orientation and zoom in and out on the PDF pages. You can also crop a PDF on Mac and Windows with UPDF.

Upon completion of editing, you should click the “Save” button, which will download the edited PDF file through the browser.

In the future, UPDF editor will integrate more advanced functions like OCR: The electronic conversion of a scanned document to text is known as optical character recognition or optical character reader.

UPDF editor will introduce a PDF converter that will convert your document to PDF format or from PDF format to any other format in a matter of seconds.

Create fillable PDF Forms: With UPDF, you can turn any plain Soda PDF form into a digitally fillable one.

Signature Tools: You can create a signature and then place it anywhere in the PDF file.

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