Blackouts occur frequently, how should enterprises ensure business continuity

Blackouts occur frequently, how should enterprises ensure business continuity?

India is reportedly increasing coal production to new highs in order to address a fuel deficit. Previously, the Indian subcontinent had power outages during hot weather due to a constrained power supply caused by a fuel scarcity. The current heat wave has caused temperatures in large parts of India to reach new highs over 40 degrees Celsius. To deal with the high temperatures, businesses and people have turned on air conditioners, but the increased demand has resulted in frequent power interruptions. According to a recent study of 21500 people performed by local circles, two-thirds of respondents indicated they had experienced a power outage, with one in ten saying it lasted four to eight hours.

A large-scale power outage struck Puerto Rico on April 8, affecting around one-third of the island’s residences and businesses. The widespread blackout could be linked to a fire at a nearby power plant, while the exact reason is still unknown.

How should enterprises ensure business continuity?

Business continuity includes three areas: backup and replication of business status data, redundancy and switching of business processing capabilities, and redundancy and switching of external interfaces. Disaster recovery is just a tool or strategy to minimize the loss of downtime. However, backup is the foundation of business continuity. Without backup, the recovery process can not be realized. However, if a disaster recovery system takes too long to restore data to normal, there will be no so-called business continuity. Shortening this time is the goal of business continuity. To ensure business continuity, the premise is to backup data regularly. Only in this way, the system can be restored in time and the business continuity can be ensured in the event of disasters or human failures.

By using Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can instantly recover the entire VM and all its data from any restore point (no matter if it’s a full backup, incremental backup, or differential backup) without any effect on the original backup data. Any deduplicated or compressed backups can be recovered. It is an excellent solution to ensure enterprise business continuity and minimize the loss of crucial business interruptions caused by disaster or system failure.

You can also quickly verify the backup data availability by instantly recovering the target VM to an isolated area in a matter of minutes. Make sure when a real disaster occurs, all the VMs can be recovered and the data inside is not lost or damaged. Vinchin supports the world’s most mainstream virtual environments and provides solutions such as VMware backup, XenServer/XCP-ng backup, Hyper-V backup, RHV/oVirt backup, etc.

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