How To Check Website Keyword Rankings in Google, The Quick and Simple Way!

How To Check Website Keyword Rankings in Google, The Quick and Simple Way!

Do you want to know how to check website keyword rankings in Google without wasting your valuable time, typing each keyword into the search bar and manually sifting through the first 10 – 20 page results on Google just to locate the ranking position for every published piece of your online content?

There is a “special secret” keyword ranking tool I personally use (without breaking into a sweat) to find my article search engine ranking positions, within just seconds! It literally does shave hours off my time, freeing up my days to publish fresh new blog content and perform other website-related tasks.

Continue reading to discover the “magic” tool I’m about to reveal and recommend to you very shortly! But, SHHH… Don’t let your competition in on our little secret, okay?

Most Common Problems With Manual Google Ranking Searches

Manually searching Google for your website’s content ranking positions is a painstaking process online, and a challenging one too! Here are a few common problems you will be faced with.

#1 – Very Time Consuming

Who actually has the time to search up to 20 pages on Google for each piece of their content? I know I don’t, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either, huh?

And what if your content is ranked past page 20 or worst yet, even not at all? Could you imagine the further time wastage and a feeling of exasperation, knowing your time could be put to much greater use by performing keyword research for your next articles, building out your website, and improving the overall user experience for your visitors?

#2 – Inaccurate Google Results

Did you know that Google customizes your search results? The search engine will display a list of your most “frequently visited” websites higher up in the search results. If you see one of your articles on page 1, the reality is it might not be!

The same thing happened to me when I searched for one of my own articles and I was so excited to see it at the top of Google, that I punched the air with sheer joy! But in fact, it was actually on page 7 when I double-checked using a ranking tool. Gutted, wasn’t the term to describe that feeling!

Also, your results could vary based on your home country. I live in the UK, and my ranking positions are entirely different from the ones on

However, I guess these problems can be solvable by adjusting some basic settings.

#3 – Personalization Makes It Difficult

With a number of varied Google “Advanced Search” settings to choose from, you can find things a little confusing and overwhelming if you don’t fully understand how to set up the personalization options. As an online marketer, even I find the settings hard to grasp!

Why Some Rank Checkers Will Land You In Hot Water – OUCH!

Although online keyword rank checkers can save you scads of time and effort with Google. Not all are safe and recommended to use because there are some dangers you will want to avoid if you want to keep yourself in Google’s good books!

One of the biggest and best tips I can offer you when it comes to using a rank checker and staying on the right side of the search engine is this…

Any ranking tool that needs to be installed on your computer can land you in hot water with Google because if the tool is checking for page results too quickly, Google can penalize you and your IP address for it due to an automated “spam bot” like actions.

You will stop receiving data and request to enter a CAPTCHA code because “unusual activity” will be recorded by the “BIG G” search platform.

So to avoid this dangerous online trap, run for the hills if ever you come across any keyword ranking tool or program that requires installation first!

January Is The Only Keyword Rank Checker Tool You Need

Jaaxy is not only a website keyword rank checker but is an “all in one” keyword research tool with so many amazing features built into it.

To take advantage of Jaaxy’s “Site Rank Analysis” feature and locate your articles within Google for specific keyword phrases, simply follow the 3 easy-step processes I have laid out for you below.

#1 – Sign up for your Free Jaaxy membership, here!

#2 – Select the “Site Rank” tab once you have logged in to your members’ area.

#3 – Type in the keyword phrase you wish to look up for your website post or page, enter the domain of your website, and hit the “Search” tab.

As you can see from my own search and screenshot, my Affiliate Marketing article is found in position 4 on Google page 1. Happy Days!

Jaaxy produced this result in under just 10 seconds! Because this tool is hosted on the servers that belong to the co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate community and Jaaxy, it means that Google can not penalize you and I.

This is how any legitimate keyword ranking checker should work and bring you real results instead of coming across as a “spambot” in the eyes of Google and quite possibly receiving short-term search engine bans for using installed programs on your PC!

Why Jaaxy Is The Right Tool For You…

After being a member of the Jaaxy keyword research platform for well over 12 months now, I can honestly say that it’s the perfect tool for not only checking your website’s ranking positions in Google but for your keyword research and a whole list of other amazing benefits and features it has on offer for helping you to create a successful online business.

If you’re searching for a quick, easy, and reliable tool to help build up and also monitor the progress of your website, then you have found it, my friend! Jaaxy is here!

I have tried various keyword tools on the market during my time as a website owner, but I have to admit that nothing else has the same capabilities as the Jaaxy tool.

So you really do have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl and using the power of the tool to expand your internet biz.

If you have any questions or feedback to post on Jaaxy’s keyword ranking feature or ranking tools in general, then please do share your thoughts below in the comments area.

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