How to Bet like the Professionals: Following Sharp Money in Pro Football

How to Bet like the Professionals: Following Sharp Money in Pro Football

In the sports betting industry, a “Sharp” player is a player who is taken seriously by the bookmakers. As opposed to your typical recreational gamblers, these individuals are serious investors who place big sums of money on the line. It might be a single individual or a group of people referred to as “betting syndicates” when they are involved in gambling games.

As a result, when someone refers to “Sharp Money,” they are referring to the side of a game on which these specialists are betting with money. These keen players are well-known for their ability to benefit long-term by operating outside the game’s rules. That’s why there’s such a fascination with spotting and following their bets when they happen.

If you are weary of losing on your own and want to try your hand at betting on the same side as the pros, here are the five steps to betting on the same side as the sharps.

Understanding How the Books Operate

One of the most common misconceptions about sports betting is that the bookies attempt to collect the same amount of money on both sides of a wager. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When it comes to betting, odds makers have a strong awareness of how the ordinary “public” player likes to wager. They can’t seem to stop themselves from placing bets on the favorites. They also enjoy rooting for high-scoring sports, which is why they almost always choose the over on the total.

Sports books will take advantage of this information and adjust the lines in favor of the side they believe the public will support. The more popular or dominant the team is, the more inflating the line to compensate for their success.

Watch for Line Movement and Betting Percentages

Finding odds feed that displays the betting percentage, starting line, and the current line will be necessary for success. It also helps if they have quick and easy access to the history of the odds for each match. The bet percentage represents the number of tickets that have been issued for that gambling game. It is not the total amount of money that has been wagered on that particular game.

To compare the two lines, you’ll need both the opening and current lines. You want to tell quickly and readily which way the line is moving.

Look for Reverse Line Movement

It is the point at which everything comes together. You should seek games that aren’t progressing in the direction you expect them to. Consider the following scenario: a game with a 65 percent bet percentage, and the current line is -4. 

That is not always the case, however. The line can change in the other direction. Instead of jumping from -4 to -4.5, it leaps from -4 to -3.5, which is more accurate. An example of this is a “Reverse Line Movement.”

While 65 percent of the tickets are on the favorite, this indicates that the underdog is bringing in a greater amount of cash than the favorite. Please remember that a large percentage of the bets coming in are from amateurs who aren’t betting large sums of money. This is typically referred to as the “public” side of a sporting event or competition.

Consider the following scenario: there were 100 bets on a game, and 65 people (or 65 percent) all placed $100 on the favorite at a -3 odds. The remaining 35 people (about 35% of the total) bet $500 per game. The 65 tickets account for only $6,500, whereas the 35 big bettors contributed more than double that amount, totaling $17,500.

The underdog bears the risk of making a mistake with the books. They plan to relocate the line to draw even more tickets to the other side of the line in the future. Just keep in mind that even though you are on the same side as the professionals, you will nearly always receive a poorer line than they do. You may lose a few games due to this strategy, but in the long run, you should see a good return on your investment.

Look for Steam Moves

This requires a bit more concentration on the betting odds, but it can yield a profit. Earlier, I noted that the sharp action could be a group of persons known as a betting syndicate, which would be responsible for the action. The way these groups operate is that they prefer to assault all of the books simultaneously, resulting in what is known as a “Steam Move.” Consequently, they are all forced to modify their lines simultaneously.

Experts Like to Attack Early and Late

While this is not true for all specialists, many of them prefer to target lines exactly when they are first opened and right before they lock their doors. By placing their bets early, they can take advantage of the early numbers. Keeping track of how the line moves at the start of the week can be pretty beneficial in identifying where the sharps are hiding.

The majority of the time, the average public player will not even place his bet until the day of the game. Frequently, one is anxious to see how much of one’s bankroll has been left over after Saturday’s college football wagering. The experts are well aware of this and will make every effort to exploit it to their advantage. Instead of placing a bet on a team right immediately, they will attempt to cause the public to change the line as far as possible before launching an attack right before the game begins.

Don’t become frustrated if you lose a few games in a row. Understand that if you put your faith in the process, you will see a long-term increase in your bankroll. This also entails setting your prejudices aside. You should believe what the line movement is telling you and allow the sharps to choose who to bet against.

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