Dominate the Pitch with the Top Formations in EA Sports FC 24

Finding the right formation is crucial in EA Sports FC 24 to get the best out of your players and fit your style of play. Here we’ll explore some of the most effective formations in FUT 24 and how to utilize them successfully.

4-1-2-1-2 (2) Narrow

The 4-1-2-1-2 (2) is one of the most popular and dominant FUT formations. It provides excellent attacking width while remaining compact centrally at the back.

  • CDM provides defensive cover and builds attacks
  • CAM facilitates play between midfield and strikers
  • 2 CMs allow great central control and rotations
  • ST partnership facilitates 1-2s and triangles up front

This formation is great for players who like attacking up the middle and playing quick 1-2 passes around the box.

4-2-3-1 Narrow

The 4-2-3-1 is a very balanced and structured formation used by many top FIFA players. It enables great midfield control and defensive cover.

  • 2 CDMs provide extra defensive protection
  • CAM spearheads attacks from creative advanced position
  • LM/RM hug touchlines and provide width
  • Single ST focuses on poaching goals

This formation is excellent for methodical build-up play and maintaining midfield dominance in matches.

4-3-3 (4)

The 4-3-3 is a dynamic and attacking formation focused heavily on width and overloads up front.

  • LW/RW stay wide to stretch play
  • CF makes runs in behind defense
  • 2 CMs + CDM allow controlling midfield
  • Advanced fullbacks provide overlapping runs

Use this formation if you like attacking quickly on the counter and crossing into the box.


The 4-3-2-1 formation provides excellent attacking triangular combinations behind the central striker.

  • LST stays central as focal attacking outlet
  • LF/RF tuck inside to combine with LST
  • 2 CMs + CDM control possession
  • Fullbacks push up to provide width

This setup focuses play brilliantly into the front three making it great for 1-2s, link-up play and shooting around the box.

4-3-3 (5) False 9

The 4-3-3 (5) False 9 formation is excellent for patient build-up play and maintaining possession.

  • F9 drops deep to facilitate midfield combinations
  • LF/RF get in behind defenses
  • 2 CMs + CDM dictate tempo in midfield
  • Fullbacks push up to supply width

Use this strategic setup if you love methodically breaking down defenses through the middle with smart passes.


The classic 4-4-2 provides solidity across the pitch and allows effective partnerships across the field.

  • LST/RST work in tandem up top
  • LM/RM support attacks from wide areas
  • 2 CMs control central areas
  • 4 defenders keeps backline solid

This is an excellent balanced formation focused on link-up play, getting crosses into the box, and fluid positional interchanges.


With 3 CBs providing extra defensive stability, the 3-5-2 can overpower opponents down the flanks.

  • LST/RST combination facilitates 1-2s
  • LM/RM bombard down wings
  • 3 CBs make defense very solid
  • 2 CDMs provide control in midfield

Use this formation if you love attacking out wide quickly on the counter and crossing into two big target men.


Structured similarly to the 3-5-2, the 5-3-2 trades a striker for an extra central midfielder, making the team extremely solid defensively.

  • LST stays central as attacking focal point
  • LM/RM support attacks from halfway line
  • 3 CMs dominate possession
  • 5 defenders make it very hard to breach backline

This ultra-defensive formation is perfect for absorbing pressure and hitting teams on the counter.


With 4 midfielders, the 4-5-1 provides incredibly stability in the center of the pitch both defensively and offensively.

  • LST spearheads attacks and holds up ball
  • LM/RM push up field to supply width
  • 2 CDMs provide defensive screen
  • 2 CMs facilitate passing through middle

Use this formation when you want to dominate possession with numerical superiority in midfield.


The 352 maintains incredible defensive strength through 3 CBs while allowing overloads and triangles when attacking.

  • ST stays central to lead attacking line
  • LF/RF tuck inside to combine with ST
  • LM/RM provide width
  • 3 CBs make backline impervious

This formation is great for getting the best out of technical dribblers and advanced playmakers behind the striker.


Structured similarly to the 352, the 3412 adds an attacking CAM to facilitate play through the middle channel.

  • LST/RST work together as strike partnership
  • CAM links midfield and attack
  • LM/RM push up field to supply width
  • 3 CBs anchor the defense

With strength at the back and numbers going forward, the 3412 is great for balanced scoring and assisting threats.

Acquiring Formation Masters with EAFC 24 Coins

To bring these formations fully to life, you need the right player archetypes in each position. Be sure to acquire FC 24 Coins to buy versatile midfielders, elite wingers, target men and quick fullbacks to unlock each formation’s strengths.

With the proper squad built around tactical formations, you’ll dominate every match and climb the divisions with ease in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team!


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