Guide To Zooming Instagram Profile Pictures

Guide To Zooming Instagram Profile Pictures

You know the old way to enlarge a profile picture on Instagram is stretching and zooming into the screen with two fingers or then taking a screenshot and zooming that, but both are fatal attempts at viewing a profile picture. Then what exactly are we supposed to do? Instagram app and websites both prohibit you from viewing someone’s profile picture even if you are following them. This is really annoying at times. In order to help you with this issue, Instazoom has designed online software and an application to help you view and download profile pictures easily.

What is an Instazoom app?

Instazoom app is a free to use software and app that helps you download anyone’s profile picture in full size. It displays an HD image of the profile picture for you to zoom in. isn’t this cool! Instazoom app uses Instagram API to retrieve and convert image into a clear resolution easily using certain codes and commands. This it does without violating any norms. Instazoom helps you download media through this application that is publically available. Instazoom is the easiest way to zoom in and download pictures safely.

How to use Instazoom app and website:

Instazoom can be accessed from two different points. You can either download the Instazoom app from the play store or use the online software available on Google. Both these software’s are free of cost and easy to use with a similar way of working. But the question still remains the same how to use the software. Below is a guide on how to zoom in Instagram profile picture:

  1. Open Instagram app or website. Now search for the person whose profile picture you are interested in viewing.
  2. Copy the username from this user’s profile and exit the application.
  3. Now launch the Instazoom app either from the play store after downloading or on Google.
  4. Now navigate to the profile picture downloader and open it.
  5. Paste the copied username into the given space and click open.
  6. Instazoom app retrieves the profile picture from Instagram and opens it in the original size.
  7. Now you can easily zoom in or download the profile picture of any user directly into your gallery.

Features of Instazoom profile downloader:

  1. Easy to use software: Instagram is easy to use software and has multiple features. Unlike other apps and methods that require multiple steps and links, Instazoom just uses a username to provide you the profile picture in desired resolution and size.
  1. Free of cost: The biggest perk of the application is that it is free of cost. You need not pay any subscription fee or go through the hassle of combining accounts. Just download the application and you are good to go.
  1. Available for both Android and iOS: You could be using any device android or iOS, Instazoom is available for download and use on both. The application can be accessed easily on both of them so you do not need to download multiple apps and extension for this simple task.
  1. Legal and safe to use: Instazoom gives access to already public media hence it does not violate any users privacy. Instazoom is completely safe to use and legal application. so now you can zoom in and download media easily and the right way.

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