Anonymous Method To See Instagram Stories

Anonymous Method To See Instagram Stories

Who does not love viewing Instagram stories? The refreshing feed for what’s actually going in one’s life to amazing videos, everything has us hooked. A story from our near and dear ones helps us stay connected and know what’s happening in their lives. At times you want to view people’s stories without actually being notified. This is a real struggle, as the moment you open that circular thumbnail, you are enlisted as a viewer. This could be due to multiple reasons. Keeping your identity under covers while watching an old friend or family’s stories can be hard but is possible. But the question remains the same: how do you view someone’s stories without getting enlisted? Here are three most useful ways to look at someone’s stories anonymously without them knowing:

  1. Using a third-party application or site: If you want to be sure that your identity is hidden from the user whose stories you want to creep into, while having no obstruction and smooth access to all their stories, this is the best way. Use a third-party application or website. These applications are API-Powered and fetch you all the stories of that particular user easily and without having done anything. These applications and online software are free to use. One such online Instagram story viewer is Smihub. All you are required to do is download this app and enter the username of the user. Once you press enter it opens up all the current and story highlights added by the user for you to view. This helps you view all the stories but without them being notified you did. You can even download these stories. Isn’t this the safest and the coolest technique amidst all of the above.
  2. Using a fake ID: Trust me we all have done this at least once, asking your best friend to look up a story that you want to watch or then making a fake ID on Instagram. This is one of the ways to conceal your identity while watching stories. But the person would be notified that your friend or another ID that you are using has been viewing their videos, as Instagram offers a list of viewers who have watched your story. This is no doubt a great way of viewing stories under another name, but it can make the other person suspicious as well.
  3. Using airplane mode: Instagram pre-loads certain stories, as people are constantly putting up stories and loading them all at once is cumbersome. These pre-loaded stories are visible and run smoothly without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Hence when you put your phone on airplane mode, which means you cut off all means of networks and then view the Instagram story, you would not be enlisted as a viewer. This is another way to conceal your identity and view stories. But the problem with this method is that the person could have uploaded multiple stories, but not all are pre-loaded. Hence you get to watch only a certain number or the initial stories of that person.

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