Different Types Of Chappals in 2022

Different Types Of Chappals in 2022


Whether it’s summer or winter, chappals are always a necessity to keep your feet protected and warm at home. These are the common household items that serve a specific purpose. You will find different types of chappals in all shapes and sizes of your choice.

Before sandals, chappals were founded during the 12th century and still today; it is used in a wide range. Slippers are the most comfortable piece of footwear you will find today.

On the other hand, you will get slippers and all types of earrings in different designs and styles. Nowadays, people love these more and feel comfortable wearing them throughout the day.

Different Types Of Chappals in 2022

A chappal is regarded as light footwear that is intended mainly to be worn indoors. In various countries such as India, these are mostly made by hands, rather than machines.

Many individuals consider chappal as their best friend because this footwear never leaves their side, no matter what! Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further; here are the different types of chappals that you must know in 2022.

1. Chappal Socks

When you wear this chappal, you will feel like you are wearing a sock. Hence, these are called chappal socks or slipper socks. This footwear has the best combined feature of both.

At the same time, these chappals can be worn outside too, especially when it is cold. This chappal is thicker and warmer than regular socks.

2. Clog Chappal 

Clog chappals are an excellent style of footwear for wearing both indoors and outdoors. You will find some clog chappals with grippy rubber outsoles, and you can wear them comfortably throughout the day.

At the same time, the best benefit of wearing a chappal is that it does not hurt your foot as a heel does. Thus, you can wear this slipper with pajamas for luxurious comfort. This design is available in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose any.  

3. Bootie Chappal 

Another different type of chappal is bootie chappal that provides complete coverage to your ankles. This chappal helps you to stay warm throughout the wear.

This chappal looks cool with yoga pants and jeggings. On the other hand, if you have hard floors, then consider wearing this with a nonslip bottom. 

4. Scuff Chappal

Scuff chappals are another type of footwear that has a grippy bottom, and thus, the main purpose of this slipper is to prevent slipping on hard floors. 

The best part of this footwear is that it looks stylish while wearing it, and this will enhance your look and style to a great extent. This chappal is one of my favorite pieces of footwear and is best for a holiday theme. 

5. Moccasins

The last different type of chappal on our list is Moccasins. This slipper can be worn best with pajamas. However, you can also wear this with jeans, sweatpants, leggings, and many more. 

You will find this slipper in various materials such as faux fur, shearling, sherpa, flannel, suede, leather, etc. People claimed that this footwear is great for the cold season. You will also find several colors of moccasins and mostly in neutral colors. 

Closing Thoughts 

Different types of chappals are available in both online and offline stores, and you can choose any according to your comfort. Hence, the above-listed slippers are the best ones that you can buy in 2022. 

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