5 Weird and Wonderful Things to See and Do in Baltimore

5 Weird and Wonderful Things to See and Do in Baltimore

Baltimore on your mind? We get it. This major city with a small-town vibe, often known as “Charm City,” is full of fascinating restaurants, artisan breweries, museums, and — if you stay long enough — recognizable faces. It’s a popular hangout for D.C. commuters, young professionals, and others searching for big-city conveniences without sacrificing a sense of community. Baltimore apartments for rent cost lower than the national average and the state average in Maryland. So whether you’re moving within the state or across the country, you’ll probably get more bang for your dollars. Continue reading to learn about 5 strange and wonderful things to see and do in Baltimore.

1. The Tomb of Edgar Allan Poe

You may or may not be familiar with Edgar Allen Poe’s eerie tales and poetry; if you are, going on the hunt for his grave will likely pique your interest. Though he was born in Boston, he died in Baltimore in 1849, in peculiar circumstances — he was supposedly found walking the streets “in extreme distress, and… in need of rapid assistance” and wearing clothes he didn’t possess. Weird. His relative later created a suitable, marble monument to him, after he was previously buried in an unmarked cemetery.

2. Painting Class

This isn’t your typical painting class; instead, it’s about getting to know some fellow travelers (or locals) through creativity, socializing, and – if you’re so inclined – a little drinking. If this seems like your cup of tea, check availability and book online. Then go over to the Yaymaker location in Federal Hill Park, where you’ll be given all the tools you need to pursue your creative goals (including drinks).

3. Cruise Around the Harbor

A trip around the harbor is one of the most traditional activities to do in Baltimore. It’s a must-do in Baltimore, right up there with trying the famed crab. It’s true. Take a boat, see the city from the deck, have some lunch, drink some drinks, listen to some music – anything you want to do with your trip. Be sure to take a cruise from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!

4. Dinner in Little Italy

As you may have imagined, Little Italy is a fantastic place to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine. Little Italy was founded in the 19th century by Italian immigrants and is now one of the best areas in Baltimore to enjoy, surprise, tasty Italian food. You can eat oven-baked pizzas by candlelight, devour homemade meatballs, and load your face with gnocchi here. If you and your spouse are both foodies, this will undoubtedly be one of the most romantic activities in Baltimore.

5. Walters Art Museum

Another fantastic free activity in Baltimore is to examine the Walters Art Museum’s collections of ancient and not-so-old objects and displays. Set in the historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood, this museum has items dating back to 5000 BC as well as items from the twenty-first century. It all started when millionaire Henry Walters gave his art and artifact collection to the city. That heritage lives on today, with a free cultural hotspot open to everyone who wants to learn something new. It’s an excellent thing to do in Baltimore when it rains because it’s entirely inside (a very gorgeous structure). It is, however, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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