Analysis of the Probability Hitting Dragon Tiger

Analysis of the Probability Hitting Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game that resembles baccarat or at least a scaled-down version of it, and it functions similarly to best online casino Singapore games War. Given the popularity of baccarat in the Far East, it’s no surprise that this version incorporates traditional Asian symbols in the shape of the Dragon and Tiger.

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is an action-packed game. It is meant for a single player and features a straightforward set of rules. The game is popular among high-rollers may also be enjoyed by casual low-stakes players. The rules are two cards the participant betting on which card is higher — the Dragon or the Tiger. Later in the playing guide, we’ll go over these and many other betting alternatives in online casino in Singapore. Directly in front of the dealer will be two card sections labelled Dragon and Tiger, with the deck to the right. Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and Suited Tie are your four basic betting options presented down the bottom of the gaming screen. Other betting possibilities may be available depending on the version you’re playing and see trusted online casino Singapore review.

How to Play and Probability?

A typical 52-card deck used to play Dragon Tiger dealt from a standard blackjack shoe. There are no jokers or wild cards in this game. The player must choose between the Dragon and the Tiger to begin the game. The dealer will deal two cards face-up on the table, and the player with the highest card wins. Aces are lowest, followed by 10, J, Q, and K. The rank and sequence of the cards corresponds to their numerical value.

Although Dragon Tiger is one of the most enjoyable and straightforward games play online casinos, it has a house edge over Baccarat or Casino War.

Each hand can have 86,320 different outcomes when using a 52-deck deck. There’s a chance that 6,448 of them will end in a tie, with an 8:1 reward. The casino has a 32.77 per cent advantage on the Tie. If you bet on a Tie and both hands have the same rank, regardless of suit, your primary wager returned, and the Tie wins a nice 11:1 payoff.


As you can see, Dragon Tiger isn’t the most casino game. Because of this, you may believe there isn’t much of a strategy. Those appealing odds come with a significant house advantage. Instead, support the Dragon or the Tiger only get 1:1 rewards, but if it’s a tie, you’ll earn half your stake back. To make a small profit, you rely on a nice run of performance over a given session in this manner. Unless you’re unfortunate, you shouldn’t have to go through a significant losing streak.


If your game has those extra side bets, stay away from the high and low stakes because a seven will result in a forfeit of all bets. Instead, choose a 1:1 wager on red or black. There is no clever way to boost your odds other than betting wisely and within your budget.

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