7 Mystic Messenger Characters Worth Playing in 2022

Not a lot of you have heard of the game Mystic Messenger. Mystic Messenger is a South Korean-oriented visual novel game by the game developer company Cheritz. They first released it for Android on July 8, 2016, and on iOS on August 18, 2016. You can play in Korean, English, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese language in the game.

The game combines messaging, phone conversations, and a visual novel. Invite guests to the desired end-of-game party. Because this game is also like a messaging application, you always need to check the Mystic Messenger email. A mystic messenger email guide can help you know what’s important to check emails on this game. Besides emails, of course, a perfect game has an exemplary character that you may utilize. This list will give you the best Mystic Messenger characters worth knowing before playing the game! 

1. 707

First on the list, of course, is 707! 707 is a skilled hacker and the RFA’s de facto security chief. He has a happy, fun disposition and enjoys making silly jokes and teasing the other members. 707 covers a lot more secrets and loneliness under that always-happy exterior. As an intelligence operative, 707 maintains a healthy distance from the rest of the RFA. 707 is concerned that his agency’s adversaries could target anyone near him. The closer you get to 707, the farther he pushes you back.

707’s real identity is Saeyong Choi, as you will find out. 707 has had computers since he was a child and has been secluded from his twin brother to shield him from his dangerous career. You must calm his fears and prevent him from repeating past errors, as with the majority of the routes. 707 appreciates having a pleasant demeanor, even if it is phony, and will often battle to keep himself closed up inside. 

2. Jumin Han

Jumin is a wealthy young man who came up in a wealthy family and plans to inherit his father’s business in the future. Jumin adores his cat and is oblivious to the lives and languages of “commoners.” He is frequently amusingly naive, yet he may occasionally join in with the other members’ antics. Even though Jumin can be indifferent to other people’s emotions and problems, he tends to view everything objectively and offers a unique perspective, even his own, on practically every route.

Jumin’s taste in ladies, or if he is interested in women or people in general, is unknown until you can join in his route because he puts work and his cat over personal relationships.

3. Elizabeth 3rd

The third on this list is Elizabeth 3rd! Elizabeth 3rd is Jumin’s pretty cat, and Jumin adores her like a queen. Jumin is too attentive and intrusive, despite Elizabeth 3rd’s love for him. Jumin becomes overly fearful of losing Elizabeth, and he cruelly confines her in a cage. Nonetheless, we understand why Jumin adores and treats this white, fluffy beauty as his sweetheart. She may not speak, but she has a connection with Rika and V, so you can sense that there is a buried past behind those lovely blue eyes that caused Rika to hand her up to Jumin.

4. Rika

Rika formed the RFA, and most of its members admire and thank her for bringing everyone together. V is still obsessed with her, despite his frequent absence. You’ll see several sides of Rika in memories, from kind and cheery to neurotic and destructive. Many of the photos in the collection depict Rika smiling and otherwise bringing joy to one of the RFA members’ life while concealing her mental anguish from the other members.

Her paranoia improves her, and she brainwashes an innocent boy while harming her love. Rika was also on a journey that would save the RFA members from their issues, but her fears led her wrong.

5. V

V is a gifted photographer who has a crush on Rika. They created RFA together, and V is the group’s leader. V is frequently absent from the messengers for unspecified reasons and is even more challenging to reach. We realize that V is hiding many things, including the truth about Rika’s disappearance. Almost all members first think positively of V, but as the routes progress, they dislike V and doubt his intentions and guidance.

6. Vanderwood

Mary Vanderwood is a member of the same intelligence service as 707. While she is in a position higher than 707, she appears to have a skill set similar to the hacker in surveillance and defense infiltration. She is frequently forced to validate 707’s progress on his task and will tidy up 707’s filthy apartment while doing so, prompting 707 to refer to Vanderwood as his “maid.” The intelligence organization that hires her is no laughing matter. They are assassinating agents who fail to finish their duties, and their customers do it. 

7. Yoosung Kim

Last but not totally the least on the list is Yoosung Kim. Yoosung Kim, whose name translates to “meteor” in Korean, is a typical Korean college student: timid, easygoing, and somewhat on the M side. Yoosung is also obsessed with the online game LOLOL, which has left him with dark circles under his eyes and little time to attend college. Yoosung, who is somewhat lonely in the world, has attempted to join a slew of social groups at his school, but he’s already abandoned his selected major and is unsure what he intends to do with his life.

Yoosung’s game addiction arises from his inability to deal with the loss of his cousin, Rika. Rika was adored and admired by Yoosung. Yoosung was stunned and depressed upon her death. He still hadn’t found closure because there were many unresolved issues concerning Rika’s life just before she died.

In a Nutshell,

There you have it! Knowing each character’s stories will make you more interested in the game. In Mystic Messenger, you can choose from various outcomes for five of your favourite characters, including unlocking after endings. It is, without a doubt, a mystical application. Even though numerous otome games have gone before it, Mystic Messenger is unique in its execution. So what are you waiting for? Happy gaming!

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